If you’re reading this, you’re probably a millennial, a millennial who is struggling to find what you’re supposed to do with your life. I should know, this whole blogging thing was never planned nor did I think I can make a living out of it. There are certainly days when I think of what my job would’ve been if I wasn’t in this industry. In July 2009, I started this blog. Not knowing what content I would create—I just wanted to write. Ironic enough, I hated writing. I was so into the art of photography and drawing—until I joined an essay writing contest in my third year in high school. I won third place and that was the start of my love affair with writing. My passion for photography and my new found love for writing seemed like the perfect recipe for a blog. I created a blogspot account, wrote on it almost every single day, even if I knew I was the only one reading it. Fast forward to 2010, I got my very first blog sponsor. What? A brand wants to sponsor me? Is that even possible? I didn’t even know brands could sponsor bloggers. 8 years later, blogging is still my main source of income and I can definitely say that it still excites me when I click that “add new post” button.

The term millennial is more than just a label—it’s a culture. We might have a bad reputation as self-centered slackers, but let’s face it, we bring something new to the table.

Us, millennials are changing the way things are done, mostly the way we work. So, how does one become successful, you ask? Well, I hate to break it to you—but there is no secret formula to success. We all come from different walks of life, we experience different things, we have our own set of skills, own weaknesses, own insecurities, we deal with things differently. But what I can tell you now is you can be more successful in your chosen paths by putting in that work. I can totally relate to this. I spent so many years talking about what work I want to put out, but never really doing the work. As Chris Sacca (former Google employee and Twitter and Uber investor) said, “ideas are cheap; execution is everything.” This is so true. You may have the talent and the ideas, but if you don’t go out there and put in that work—sooner or later someone else will. Those ideas will be nothing but just ideas. With that, I decided to come up with this guide that can help you (especially those struggling to be productive) with your chosen careers. I am not saying I am successful—heck, not even close to it. The thing with success is, you can never be fully done proving yourself. There is always room for improvement. If you’re someone who is starting out or struggling to decide what you want to do with your life—we all went through that. Now, ready to work like a millennial? Read on.



Growing up I would listen to conversations between my parents and my older siblings, talking about being a slave at their jobs, hating someone at the office, fearing their boss, etc. With our generation now, I learned that millennials are passionate about so many things—we want to do everything. In my nature of business, the more projects/campaigns you book, the more successful you are. I find this to be a good thing. When I was in high school and college, the more diligent and studious you are, the less cooler you are. This is such a stupid mindset—that is why I made sure to choose a job that I am deeply passionate about. Fast forward to 8 years, I am still very much excited about my work. I’d rather make no money at all and love what I’m doing, than earn a ton of money and hate my job. Earning money at the cost of your well-being is not worth it. Do something you really love and enjoy—then find a way to earn from that. Sometimes you can let your work speak for you, but most of the time, you really have to put yourself out there.



You can disagree on me on this but I believe millennials get bored easily. We crave movement. Most of the blog entries I’ve written on this blog were all composed inside the plane, airport, at a hotel room or at a cafe. With the internet, we can pretty much bring our work anywhere. Totally different from Gen X wherein they hate bringing their work with them. I personally get more work done when I am out of the house. I love working at home but there are so many temptations—I can lay down my bed anytime I please, stand up to open the fridge (I do this way too much lol), the possibilities are endless. Haha! When I’m at a cafe or somewhere public, I am more aware of my surroundings, I can sit for hours writing and getting more work done.

I find ways to work almost anywhere, so I try to bring trusty gadgets that are secure, lightweight, and have good battery life. The HP Spectre is both light and thin, which will make you forget you’re carrying it around. My blogger friends are always amazed at the fact that I bring my laptop almost anywhere because it’s not a hassle for me. All the photos you see on my Instagram are edited using Adobe Lightroom on my laptop. I often put my HP Spectre in my tote bag—that’s how light and thin it is to bring around.

The thing with millennials is, the work we often choose is something that is a big part of our lives. It is somehow connected to us. My blog is an extension of my personality. My passions, my beliefs and how I see things. I believe millennials are one of the most efficient and productive generations. We want to achieve so many things. We are truly blessed to have the internet—we get to have online portfolios, launch our businesses online and get more opportunities than ever.



Like I said, you are never fully done proving yourself. Always take risks. I know this seems easier said than done—but trust me. I used to hate taking risks and going out of my comfort zone, but there is a different kind of satisfaction when you overcome your fears and just do it. Years ago I did my first talk/workshop, something I absolutely despise. I promised myself that this is something I would never do but I did it. I told myself to take a deep breath, don’t rehearse what I was going to say and just be my usual goofy self. My first talk/workshop was a success—the audience was participative, engaging and asked so many questions. I still get nervous whenever I do these types of things but point is, you’re overcoming those fears and you’re one step closer to success! High five!



Millennials have mastered the art of multitasking. We have somehow learned to engage in multiple conversations at once. We probably have 10 tabs open on our browsers and text a bunch of different people at the same time. This is probably why a lot of us millennials juggle a lot of things at once. We want to do many things. You probably have an office job but also have an online business on the side. I am a blogger but I also get jobs as a stylist, photographer, etc. I write about style and now I have ventured into food, fitness, travel and tech. See? There is always room for improvement. If you don’t try a lot of things, then you’ll never really find what you’re truly passionate about.



“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” This quote by Edmund Lee really struck me because it’s so true.  I used to hang out with people whom I thought were my friends, but at those times of failure, they weren’t around for me. This is why I learned to surround myself with people who inspire me, push me to be better and be there for me in times of success and failures. This doesn’t just apply to your friends or your officemates, this can also be the people you look up to. With social media, you get to discover so many talented people, people you aspire to be. I discovered all my idols online and a lot of them played a huge role with how I work and how I perceive things. This is why you also need to choose your idols wisely.



Surround yourself with people who will lift you up. Same goes with my gadgets. I choose gadgets that can make me more efficient, more productive and basically make my life easier. I have my camera for my content, a vlogging camera for my YouTube channel, my phone, my external hard drive and battery and my HP Spectre laptop. These are all the tools I need to do my work—I can bring them anywhere, work anywhere and create content when inspiration hits me.

The HP Spectre’s classy shiny gold detailing, the use of dark ash and copper makes it easy on the eyes. Millennials sometimes choose aesthetics over functionality, but this baby has surprisingly fast performance to back it up. I’ve had this laptop for 2 years already and I’ve had effortless multitasking and web browsing—making it easy for me to get the job done. The color and contrast of the HP Spectre is topnotch—they somehow managed to tweak the screen towards more natural colors rather than popping saturations—which is perfect when I edit all the photos you see online. For leisure purposes, the quad Bang & Olufsen speakers produce clear and crisp audio quality. With a device this thin, you may think it won’t be able to handle this kind of sound—but this was never the case for the HP Spectre. Netflix and chill? Yes please.



Now for the fun part. Every time you accomplish something big, reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, it could be something as simple as a little Instagram break, a quick drive to your favorite coffee place, or maybe a slice of cake lol. Whenever I finish an article or a video, I reward myself by watching an episode of my favorite Netflix series (2 years ago I would reward myself with food and it did not work to my advantage lol). In my case, my friends love to party…and I don’t join them unless I deserve to celebrate. I make sure I had a productive work week before I can have fun by the end of the week! How you reward yourself for your hard work is completely up to you.

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