Location: Manila, Philippines

I remember going to the grocery with my family: my mom would say “what do you want for breakfast this week?”—I would instantly run to the aisle where the Oreos are and grab 2 packs (because I don’t want to share with my sister lol). We were so obsessed with the twist-lick-dunk commercial and we would always recreate it every chance we get. Through the years, Oreo has remained a classic favorite, with a bunch of new flavors popping up here and there—lo and behold, this time they came up with Oreo Thins. Yes, you heard that right.

Oreo Thins are basically a skinnier version of the classic cookie. According to ABC News—these new and improved cookie sandwiches are identical to their bulkier older brother. 

They’re definitely crispier and more chocolaty because of the higher cookie to cream ratio. So if you prefer the biscuit than the creme, then Oreo Thins is a sure hit for you!

This latest revolution in snacking has really sparked my creativity—maybe it will happen the same to you? I challenge YOU to create a flatlay showing your creativity using the Oreo Thins and get a chance to be featured! Use the hashtags #OreoThinsPH and #OreoTHINrrific so we can see all those entries!

Right now Oreo Thins have the vanilla and tiramisu available—hopefully they can bring the golden, salted caramel and mint flavors here too!

oreo2 oreo1 oreo3 oreo4

What are your thoughts on the new Oreo Thins? Let me know in the comments section below!

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