Location: Boracay Island, Philippines

Outfit: All sunglasses I'm wearing in the post are from Sunnies Studios

What do you do when you get an Instagram DM from Sunnies Studios inviting you to an all-expense paid trip to Boracay along with all your internet crushes? You do not hesitate—you just pack your bags and go. That was exactly what I did when I found out that Sunnies was throwing a mini getaway to one of the most beautiful island in The Philippines. Feeling a little bummed that I missed Labor Day weekend in Boracay this year, I knew that this trip would be the perfect way to end my summer (and redeem myself lol). I’ve been to other Sunnies parties in the past and they were always so much fun and unforgettable. This time, they’ve truly outdone themselves and came up with everyone’s idea of a dream vacay.

Just to brief you—#SunniesVacay was all about the merch. Think adult slumber parties, cocktails, sunset cruises, five-star hotels, sun loungers, the best music ever, Instagram-ready nooks, tons of free time, carefully curated merch, and needless to say, an unlimited supply of Sunnies Studios eyewear just for you. Choreographed and curated to a tee, the trip kicked off with a Sunnies Studios starter pack gifted at check-in for our flight to Boracay in partnership with Air Asia Philippines (this was where all the spoiling started). Mints, chocolates, a blanket, sleep masks and a fresh pair of Sunnies (low key wishing that the flight was longer lol). Upon checking-in at The Lind, all 26 guests were greeted with a stash of Sunnies merch on our beds—from shirts, sunscreen,

Glossier skincare, swimsuits for the ladies, handwritten welcome notes (they pretty much leave about 4-5 notes per day lol) plus first dibs on 12 of their unreleased styles of sunnies!

For our first night in the island, we kicked off #SunniesVacay with a fun cocktail party at the roof deck of The Lind (the drinks were so good btw) followed by a fun BBQ night on the white and powdery sands of Boracay. But no one could ever be ready for the following day (a.k.a. the highlight of the trip)—the #SunniesVacay yacht party. It was decked-out and fully equipped with a free-flowing gifting suite with all of Sunnies Studios’ new styles in every color possible. We boarded a small boat which took us to the yacht. We were welcomed by the Sunnies team and handed each guest with a bag of more merch—embroidered towels, sunscreen and after sun lotion, a disposable camera, a visor and duh, more Sunnies! Now, I don’t remember much (the influencers at the party know why lol), but I had a vivid memory of everyone jumping from the yacht! Needless to say, everyone had a grand time.

The #SunniesVacay was easily one of my favorite events ever (and to think I’ve been blogging for more than 7 years). They just get it. I am so impressed with how their team seamlessly branded the whole thing—straight from the Sunnies Studios mood boards to real life, the #SunniesVacay is surely an experience you won’t soon forget.

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