You know those late afternoons wherein you feel like you’ve been working the whole day, stuck in your workstation and tempted to take a quick breather? Your mouth starts to water and you feel your stomach grumbling—you head out for a quick merienda break. You walk around the area and you suddenly want to sink your teeth into a thick, juicy burger. Because come on, there’s nothing a burger can’t fix, right?

Despite the fact that burgers are indeed packed in calories, we still can’t resist the temptation of biting into one. Burgers are easily classified as feel good or comfort food. Now, how can anyone not love this beautiful piece of heaven? Well, I am writing this blog entry to let you know that Tokyo Tokyo has launched a new dish on their menu: The Wagyu Burger.

Yes, you read that right. A Wagyu Burger. I know what you’re thinking. A burger in Tokyo Tokyo? A Japanese restaurant? They must be crazy. Tokyo Tokyo has always changed the game when it comes to reinventing classic dishes: some of my favorites were the chocolate snow ice, the beef pepper ramen and the makirrito (sushi burrito). Yes, we Filipinos love Japanese food—but we also love some western flavor in our palette.

Tokyo Tokyo must have seen the high demand for burgers—so they made it happen (with their own flare, of course).

The Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger is made of a flavorful and juicy Wagyu beef patty served with sliced cheese, special sauce, fresh lettuce and onion rings that are sandwiched in a premium brioche bun. The Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burgers use 100% Wagyu beef. Wagyu is extra tender and flavourful beef that is sourced from a select breed of Japanese cattle. Damn, my mouth is watering as I write this. Haha! Tokyo Tokyo has 3 versions of the Wagyu Burger: The Wagyu Cheeseburger (Php160), The Rising Sun Burger (Php175) and The Double Cheeseburger (Php235).

Are you craving for Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burger yet? I got to try The Rising Sun and the Wagyu Cheeseburger and holy cattle, it was the bomb. I could feel the sauce and oil dripping down my hands as I take a full bite into the burger. The soft brioche bun with the crunchy sides mixed with the tender and flavourful wagyu beef patty along with the melted cheese put me into a bliss (a burger bliss that is lol) and took me to wagyu heaven. You can always count on Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burger if you want an affordable and satisfying meal (and to silence that stomach growl). Now, who’s down for a pig out session?

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