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My family and I are huge grocery shopping lovers—if there’s even a term for that. It has become one of our favorite bondings as a family. All 6 of us (mom, dad, my 2 sisters, 1 brother and me) would go either on a Wednesday night or Sunday noon. My dad would get his favorite sparkling water and vitamins. Mom would get the usual: cooking oil, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, condiments, washing detergents, (you get the picture). My brother would get junk food and soft drinks (duh). My two sisters, who would usually rummage through the aisles together, would get the chocolates, toiletries, breakfast food, etc. I, on the other hand, would be so shy to put anything on the cart, I would just stare at that one particular item that I like and stay in that area until my parent’s notice—and when they see me, they ask with a giggle, “do you wanna put that in the cart?”

I know it seems shallow and lame but these are just a few of my fondest memories which I treasure. Now that our family members at home has become lesser (both my sister and brother already moved out),

we’ve been going grocery shopping a little lesser now. That is why a trip to S&R is something that always excites us. The high ceilings, the huge carts, the smell of that roasted chicken, the idea of getting another pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—what’s not to be excited about?

With that, I share with you the awesome news that S&R is having another Members’ Treat Sale! This is something all of their members (myself included) get excited about! Because it’s 5 days of major deals, extreme discounts and buy 1 take 1 goodness! I know it can get a little too crazy during the sale so I highly suggest that you go early (they open as early as 8am), also make sure that you have someone who can line up for you. As for me, I made sure to go a day early just to check if some of the items are on sale already and see any items that tickle my fancy. While strolling around I discovered a bunch of products I never knew existed! Don’t forget, The S&R Members’ Treat Sale is happening this March 29 until April 2! They’re open from 8am until 9pm! See you there?

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