I consider myself as someone who is pretty “fit” just because I exercise regularly. I do the usual—bench press, bicep curls, run on a treadmill, do pull-ups, do 1 minute planks, take whey protein, etc. But it wasn’t until I got a personal trainer at Fitness First last January and he encouraged me to take the BioScore assessment test so that he knows what program works for me.

What’s a BioScore, you ask? A BioScore is Fitness First’s health and fitness assessment which tells you how old you are biologically in comparison to your actual age. The assessment, conducted by a trained BioScore trainer, looks at your health, lifestyle and physical fitness levels and for each test, it will assess whether your result is making your BioScore higher or lower compared to your chronological age, so you can easily see the areas you need to work on in order to start turning back the clock. Whether your BioScore is younger or older than your actual age, you’ll have a clear breakdown of your results and how you compare on every test. After that, Fitness First will work with you to design a training program that addresses any problem areas, so you can start to turn back the clock!

Going back to the story, I took the BioScore test, thinking it was one of those fitness tests we do in P.E. class, uhh, it wasn’t. We did the Health test: this element of the test looks at the status of key vital statistics including height to waist ratio, lung function and blood pressure. Followed by the Fitness test wherein we did series of short and simple exercises to assess aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility, agility and core endurance. Exercises include a TRX row, standing jumps, core endurance drills, hexagonal agility, and a 500m row. Lastly, we did the Lifestyle test. This element goes beyond the physical with a questionnaire that looks at lifestyle choices in and out of the gym, such as nutrition, stress levels, sleep and drinking habits! Once the test is over, the results from all these 3 tests will be analysed to determine your BioScore- a number which will be either be higher or lower than your actual age. Your BioScore is the difference between your biological age and your actual age, and this will be either a plus (+) or a minus (-) score displayed in years. This makes sharing your results a lot simpler, as others can see if your test result was negative or positive without having to ask your actual age.

So, do you want to know what my BioScore is? Are you sure? It’s +9. *sad emoji* Yes. Fitness-wise, I am 9 years older than my actual age. This sucks even more because I took the test with my friend Kyle (who happens to be a contestant in a reality show called “Fit For Fashion”) and his BioScore was -9. Damn. This was a wake up call for me to really take care of myself not by just going to the gym regularly, but also taking enough rest, lessen the intake of alcohol, etc. After seeing my results, my trainer customized my program and focused on all my weak points. I started doing a lot of cardio, a lot of dreadful leg days, deadlifts, etc. 3 months later, I can proudly say that I’m a lot stronger and more physically fit. I lost a total of 17 pounds, started eating healthy and getting enough rest. I will be sharing my fitness journey on a separate blog post. I highly encourage you to take the BioScore test! I am taking another one this month and hopefully I get a negative score!

P.S. It is recommended you take your BioScore assessment every three to six months so you can see the impact your training is having. BioScore assessments are conducted by Fitness First’s trained BioScore specialists. Ask the club for more details and to book your appointment.

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