If one of your New Years resolution is to get fit and healthy, then you should definitely tune in to the new season of Fit for Fashion, premiering on Star World tonight! What is Fit For Fashion about? Fit for Fashion is the first ever reality TV show that brings fashion and fitness together, brought to you by Fitness First and Imagine Group. 14 ordinary men and women from Asia and around the world will come together to work with internationally fashion personalities Louise Roe (Host) and Todd Anthony Tyler (Fashion Photograpaher) and be put through their paces by international fitness trainers Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson. Over the course of 10 episodes, the show will challenge contestants to push themselves to the limit of what they are physically and mentally capable of – to reach new heights and to look and feel great. Each week, contestants will be put through gruelling challenges and one contestant will be eliminated each week until only one winner is left.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably thought that I was in Bintan Indonesia for a vacation. But really, I was there with all the contestants, judges and the crew of Fit For Fashion…filming for season 2! I gotta say, it was so hard to keep my mouth shut and not give away anything to you guys! I was there for almost a week and over that short period of time, I got to see how the challenges were planned out, how they film the reality show, what the contestants’ days are like (they have workout sessions 2-3 times a day!), hang out and get fashion and fitness tips from the judges and I was able to experience what’s it like to be a Fit For Fashion contestant! I’ll tell you more about it once the second episode is out! But for now, here are 10 reasons why you should watch the second season of Fit For Fashion!


1. It’s the first show of its kind. Fit for Fashion is the first-ever reality TV show that brings together the world of fitness and fashion. The 10-episode series follows the empowering and inspiring quest of 14 individuals seeking to transform their lives.

2. The contestants are relatable. What I love about this show is that you can find at least one or two contestants that you can relate to. Almost each contestant in the show has a different body built. Some are overweight, some are fit, but each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Amazing transformations. I was in Bintan Indonesia a couple of months ago while they were filming the second episode of the show and the Fit For Fashion flew me again after 4 months to check on the contestants. Boy, they made some pretty amazing transformations. Some of them are really ripped! They told me that they train at least 2-3 times a day + they have their own personal chefs who prepare all their meals (each contestant has a different meal plan, depending on their fitness goal). These contestants really seek to redefine their bodies, self-image and self-confidence.

4. Tougher challenges and even more determined contestants. 14  individuals who have been plucked from all walks of life are in for crazier challenges this season. I was able to watch 2 of the challenges while they were filming it and you can really see the pain and the struggle of the contestants. But then you can really see how determined they are. How much they want to win and prove to themselves that they can conquer anything.

5. The fashion challenges. If I were to join Fit For Fashion, I think I would probably nail the fashion challengers rather than the fitness. These contestants are faced with series of fashion challenges and most of them are photoshoot sessions with Todd Anthony Tyler. These contestants are no professional models but they are being judged on how they carry themselves and how they’re comfortable with their bodies. Fitness and fashion really does go hand in hand!

6. Pinoy Pride. Fit For Fashion is extra exciting the second time around as we have a stronger Filipino presence this season. Kyle Ramirez is a famous DJ and a host in Manila and he is hands down the fittest contestant in the show…or so I thought (you have to watch the show to find out why). Jackie Zapata is a Filipino American with a successful banking career. To my opinion, she’s the fittest girl in the bunch. She dislocated her elbow while doing crossfit and that made her take a long break from working out. Watch the show and see how she tries to get herself back on track!

7. Fashion tips from Louise Roe and Todd Anthony Tyler. The fashion aspect of the competition is just as important as the fitness. The contestants (as well as the viewers at home) can get insightful fashion and style tips from Louise Roe, she is a famous fashion journalist, author and TV host. As well as from Todd Anthony Tyler, a sought-after photographer. He can teach you a thing or two about working your angles for the camera and posing (he used to be a model too).

8. Fitness Tips from  Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock. Mitch and Chilson are one of the best fitness trainers in the world and they are really the ones responsible for the physical transformations of the contestants. Throughout the show, they give out really good fitness tips to the contestants and the viewers watching the show. These are not the cliché tips that you see in magazines or websites, in fact, I haven’t even encountered most of them. You have to follow the show to find out what those fitness tips are!

9. Interactive elements in the show. Another awesome thing about Fit For Fashion 2 is the interactive elements that goes into the show including innovative tools such as CustomFit (it’s a FREE app on the Apple store and Google Play) and a carefully designed 10-Week Get Fit Program. These two ‘bonus’ features will enhance the overall experience for Fit for Fashion fans as they will get a taste of the show’s contestants training, and hopefully start their own transformations wherever they are.

10. It’s inspiring. Fit For Fashion will definitely inspire people to start their own journeys to a healthier, happier and more stylish life. You are not being judged by the pounds you lose each week, it’s about having a better attitude, learning about discipline, patience and determination. Fit For Fashion is more than just losing weight or getting that six pack abs. It’s a whole transformational experience to becoming stylish, fit, healthy, more confident and discovering your true self. Fit for Fashion doesn’t just change bodies; it changes lives.

Catch Fit For Fashion Season 2 every Wednesday, 7pm on StarWorld. Fore more information about the show, Custom Fit and and the Get Fit Programme, visit www.fitforfashion.tv
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