I get tons of emails, tweets, and Instagram messages from my readers, especially the ones outside of Manila, asking me to sell my pre-loved items online. I participate in a lot of bazaars wherein I sell a bunch of my stuff from shoes, jackets, jeans, gadgets and accessories. Last year, I think I joined about 6 different bazaars! I always cherish these kinds of events because it’s not about the money, it’s about interacting with my readers. It’s nice seeing a face behind all those Instagram comments. But sometimes, not everyone can go to these bazaars, and that’s why the idea of having a platform that allows me I can reach out to my readers who are based within and even outside of Manila is such a welcome idea. The only problem was that I didn’t know any platform I could use. Because while I consider myself as a workaholic, I can also be really lazy at times, so I need a way that works for me and my buyers. Then, I got introduced to the Shopee app, and so far, I’m loving it! Here are 5 reasons why I’m addicted to this app:


1. Sell in a Dash – You can pretty much start selling in less than 30 seconds. Just snap a picture of the product, describe the item, and set your price! If you’re already a seller on Instagram, you can even upload your photos using the IG Import Easy as pie.


2. Shop with a Chat – See something you fancy? Chat with the seller and make an offer! Do it real time and you can even get a great deal!


3. Shop Safely with Shopee Guarantee – receive your order or get your money back. Shopee Guarantee ensures payment is sent to the seller only after the buyer receives their purchase. Likewise, if you’re a seller, you’ll be informed once the buyer has made the payment through Shopee’s account before you ship out the order.


4. Easy to Use – The Shopee app is very user friendly, organized and clean.


5. Free For All – No download cost, no listing fees, no commission. Yes, good people still exist. I will be putting up some of my items on Shopee soon, so watch out for that!

Download the Shopee App on the Apple Store or Google Play here: shopee.ph/download

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