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Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Brands are stated at the bottom of each look

Now that I’m done with my New Year and birthday dramas (thank you for bearing with me lol), it’s time to get to work—and that is providing you guys with a bunch of style ideas that are relatable and wearable which I hope can inspire you to look your absolute best this year. This 2018, I wanted to be more adventurous in terms of my style choices (and I hope you do, too). No, they don’t have to be anything loud or crazy—but enough to get the attention of your crush or your ex (just kidding…sort of). Start little by opting for bolder color choices. I’m sure a lot of you guys are like me who breathe in blacks, navy, grays and whites. If you’ve always been that guy and you’re looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe/look without completely stepping out of your comfort zone, these style tips might just do the trick. Feeling these 3 looks? Keep on reading!



It’s all about baby steps. Focus on a color or tone that you feel comfortable with and pair it with the existing pieces in your wardrobe. You don’t have to take it too literal and opting for bold or primary colors. I, for example am obsessed with earth tones. They’re muted, subtle and easy to style altogether. Start from these hues and work your way up to more bold choices. If this blog post was written 3 or 4 years ago I would definitely tell you to go for colored socks. If you’re into this trend now—go ahead. It definitely is the easiest (and most affordable) option to introduce some color in your wardrobe. Again, baby steps.


Waterproof Green Jacket (Uniqlo) | Tan-Colored Shirt (Topman) | Grey Trousers (Topman) | Felt Tote Bag (MRKT) | Sneakers (Adidas)


Now that you’ve progressed from wearing an all-black outfit to earth tones, now it’s time to step it up and introduce yourself to solid colors. I love my blue shirts and jackets but yellow? No thanks. I know it’s not my color because it does not complement my skin tone and I’m not really fond of the color in general. But then again, you’ll soon outgrow this and be more open with your choices. 7 years ago you will never see me wearing shorts, but now I have more shorts than pants—haha! Same with colored clothing, a lot of us are not too keen in wearing colors because it’s not as masculine as black or navy. As for me, the reason why I don’t have a lot of colored pieces in my wardrobe is that it’s difficult for me to style these pieces. What goes with red? Do I have to look at the color wheel? Like most men, I still get these style dilemmas. This is why the easiest route would be navy and neutrals. Again, start small by wearing muted colors and prints. Like this mustard-colored shirt. You’d never see me in yellow but this mustard-colored top is interesting and vibrant enough for my liking to inject a little bit of color. Complemented it with this teal corduroy jacket for an added hint of color. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

weeklyootd2a weeklyootd2

Teal Corduroy Jacket (Topman) | Mustard-Colored Shirt (Topman) | Specs (Sunnies Specs) | Navy Blue Trousers (H&M) | Watch (Daniel Wellington) | Felt Tote Bag (MRKT) | Sneakers (Adidas)


The main reason why I decided to write this blog post is to share with you my obsession with red. I know they look a little orange-y in the photos—this is because I post-processed them that way because I’m trying to maintain an orange/teal feed on my Instagram right now. But yes, this jacket is red, haha! Anyway, now that you’ve become more open to wearing colors (I hope), it’s time to experiment with bold ones! Yes, I’m talking about red! Red is such a striking color. I started wearing this during the holiday season. Since then, I’ve been obsessed to the point of going to a store and selecting the red pieces first before moving on to the other pieces. Pick a solid color in your favorite hue, then you can wear it over anything you want for an instant dose of color. Take this look for example, without the jacket, this would’ve been a pretty basic/boring look. But add a touch of red and you instantly stand out. What are your thoughts about this color? Do they deserve to be worn on a normal day or wait until your birthday? Haha let me know what you think!

weeklyootd1 weeklyootd1a

Red Jacket (Adidas Originals) | White Shirt (Uniqlo) | Trousers (Topman) | Felt Tote Bag (MRKT) | Sneakers (Adidas)

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