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Outfit: All brands stated at the end of each look

It seems like a lot of you guys found the first roundup of looks I featured in the previous style post helpful and relatable—so I’m back with another one, but this time I listened to your request to feature more office-friendly looks. I know a lot of you guys who are reading this blog are either high school/college students or yuppies so I wanted to showcase looks that you could wear to school or to the office. Keep in mind that since I work as a freelancer, I am not really required to wear business or formal looks, so pardon me if I only have two business casual/office-ready outfits featured here for now—we’ll get there.
Quoting from my first “7 easy outfits you can wear for a week in Manila” post,
“Spending a week in Manila can either be fun, inspiring and productive but it can also be stressful, frustrating and draining. Start dressing right and you will see how something so simple can change your mood—even your perspective on things. With that, I decided to do this quick and easy style guide on how you can make the most out of your week and how you can look stylish while conquering it. Personally, style guides have been so helpful for me so I thought it would be cool to do one on this platform. Keep in mind that all the items/pieces that I featured on this blog post can be found in the malls of Manila. If you want to know where exactly I got them, you can comment below and I’ll reply as quickly as I can.” Should we start?



Nothing like wearing a shirt that says “Monday” on your most dreaded day of the week. But hey, it could also be your motivation. Who wouldn’t be excited to wear this Monday tee…on a Monday? Haha! It’s a fun ice-breaker too, don’t you think? It’s the perfect day to spark and initiate a conversation with that classmate or officemate you never got to talk to. As for this look, I tried to keep everything basic. I know I’m not the type to wear a shirt as is—I usually layer it with a denim jacket or anything that would make the look a little interesting. The statement on the shirt itself adds a lot of personality to the look—subtle but it works. I paired the shirt with duh, trousers. Because I love mixing casual pieces with tailored, formal items.


Graphic Tee (Blaque Supply) | Trousers (H&M) | White Cap (Free Flow) | Watch (Daniel Wellington) 


This look is for those who are working but does not require a long-sleeved polo or a blazer. Again, even if you’re working a 8-5pm job and you’re mostly just in front of your office desk, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and look a little put-together, right? Who knows, you might have a last-minute conference, event or a meeting with a client. What you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about you and your business. Change the game and veer away from traditional menswear palettes such as black or navy blue—why not try olive green? I find this color so refreshing but still very masculine. The only problem with wearing olive green is when you wear an item of that color, you have to work your way around your wardrobe and look for earth tone hues that could match your olive green top or bottom. Since I have this style dilemma too, I usually go for a monochromatic look and go full on olive green—but adding hints of brown with my belt, bag and shoes. Try it out and let me know how you would style this!


Olive Green Polo Shirt (Joe Fresh) | Olive Green Trousers (Zara Man) | Brown Belt (Zara Man) | Messenger Bag (Original Penguin) | Brogues (Call it Spring)


A varsity jacket with the letter “W”—ugh, am I taking it too far (or literally, rather) with my outfit options? Haha! This I’m not so sure if I would wear it on a weekly basis—especially with the weather in Manila. But I know a lot of guys who reads this blog works at call centers, IT companies, etc and I would notice that they always wear jackets at work! I know how cold it can get indoors so make sure you layer up—and look good while you’re at it! I know the feeling, I always bring a jacket when I work at coffee shops in Manila! Now let’s talk about this look. Again, something I wouldn’t normally wear (maybe when I travel abroad), but how cool is this jacket? Varsity jackets have been around for quite a while but the color is something you wouldn’t normally find at a store, right? This H&M x The Weeknd jacket and hoodie (these are two different pieces) is the perfect outerwear if you want to stand out. P.S. don’t mind the bandaid haha!


Hoodie (The Weeknd x H&M) | Varsity Jacket (The Weeknd x H&M) | Trousers (H&M) 


Here’s another business-appropriate outfit you can wear to work. Not sure if you guys are allowed to wear a shirt with your suit—if so, this is definitely a more relaxed version of your typical crisp, white, long-sleeved button down. I am not so sure if you can see clearly, but the shirt I’m wearing is a more elevated version of a shirt, this has vertical linings (I have no idea what the material is) but it’s most definitely stylish enough to stand on its own—just in case the blazer is too hot to wear outside. Also, because I’m wearing mostly light colors for this look, I thought it would be fitting to wear brown shoes instead of black. What do you guys think?


Gray Blazer (Topman) | Shirt (River Island) | Gray Trousers (Topman) | Brown Leather Shoes (Zara Man)


Breathe in, breathe out. You survived another week! Now, finish the week with a bang with well, a banging outfit. I found this pair of moss green pants I didn’t know I still have and thought I’d wear ‘em again! Same as my look last Tuesday, I have no idea how else to style green pants but styling them with pieces with the same color or hue, haha! But this look seemed to turn out alright—and I blend in with the background, don’t you think? Got this beautiful striped button down from SM and I am obsessed with it! I love it when I score really nice pieces at department stores. Paired it with a white tank top to break the monotony of the green and finished it off with my favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunnies. Go out, have fun on a Friday night—you deserved it!


Striped Short-Sleeved Button Down (SMYTH) | White Tank Top (The SM Store) | Sunglasses (Ray-Ban) | Watch (Daniel Wellington) | Olive Green Trousers (Uniqlo) | Tote Bag (M.R.K.T.) | Sneakers (Saucony)


Saturdays for me are the perfect day to relax, wake up late, hit the gym, go to the mall, watch a movie and eat that dish I’ve been craving for all week. Here’s my idea of a leisure day look—a simple polo shirt, a pair of trousers, a cap (not in the mood to fix my hair on weekends lol) and a pair of your favorite and comfy shoes. Simple, easy to wear, nothing crazy. In case you noticed, I love carrying a tote bag with me instead of a backpack or a messenger bag because it’s the perfect size to carry everything I need from my camera (which I always bring to take these photos haha), extra lens, my phone, two notebooks (one is a planner and one for my ideas and notes I jot down at meetings with clients).


Polo Shirt (Original Penguin) | Navy Blue Trousers (H&M) | Cap (SM Accessories) | Burgundy Tote Bag  (Herschel) | Shoes (Cole Haan)


Sunday is grocery day! You must be judging me from taking a photo at a grocery store—but yup, I got a weird stare from an old lady who I think was about to get a juice at the fridge. Haha! Anyway, Sundays are meant for chilling and taking endless naps but I love spending my Sundays doing the grocery (don’t you hate adulting?), getting a haircut and doing every possible errand you might have missed over the week. I opted for a simple striped shirt, beige shorts and sneakers. This vibrant red jacket did all the talking for this one—without this piece, this outfit wouldn’t have made it to the ‘gram. Haha! That’s it for this week! Hope you guys enjoy this segment on my blog. Let me know in the comments section which look is your favorite!


Rain Jacket (Farah Vintage) | Striped Shirt (Zara Man) | Tailored Shorts (Straightforward) | Specs (Ray-Ban) | Watch (Daniel Wellington)

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