Location: Misibis Bay, Albay, Philippines

After a month of traveling across Europe with Vina, we both came to the conclusion that we still have our most memorable experiences when we’re traveling in The Philippines. Maybe because there’s a different kind of excitement when you explore your own country? Maybe we feel so at home when we’re inside our comfort zone? I can’t seem to put my finger around it—but for someone who enjoys creating content, we love showing off the beauty of The Philippines to our readers/followers. It’s our own way of promoting what our country can offer and inspiring others to travel to our home country as well. This time, Vina and I decided to travel to Bicol and visit Misibis Bay. To be frank, I’ve never heard of Misibis Bay nor did I knew what it looked like. I’ve only heard of it through Vina who has been to the resort about four years ago and I came across a local tv show named after it. Ready to explore Misibis Bay with us?


We booked the last flight out to Legazpi as we had to attend an important event in Manila. I was so bummed that we didn’t take an earlier flight because I was dying to see Mount Mayon’s perfect cone shape from the plane. I heard the volcano is visible almost anywhere in the province. After a short 50-minute flight (which I think you can travel by land for 10+ hours), a staff from Misibis Bay was already waiting for us at the arrival area. From the airport, it would take you another 50 minutes to get to the resort by land. You may also opt for a 30-minute boat ride via a fast watercraft. If you’re taking the private shuttle service, heads up, the roads are zigzagged so better be prepared for that! Upon arriving in Misibis Bay, I was impressed by how clean and well-maintained the resort is. I heard guests are usually welcomed with an “Ibalong” dance by the reception area—but I guess we arrived too late to witness this! P.S. The photo of Mount Mayon below was taken on our flight back to Manila.

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We booked three nights in the newly opened Pacific Ocean view rooms. While there are a lot of private villas scattered around the resort (with a more classic, traditional vibe), the new wing of Misibis Bay screams young, cozy and current. Vina and I were so happy because everything about the room fits our aesthetic. The clean white walls, beige blackout curtains, rattan-weaved chairs and headboards, JBL speakers, and a big bathtub in the middle of the room—we couldn’t stop taking photos! lol. Misibis Bay also provides their guests with a beaded bracelet and a “bayong,” a sturdy bag of woven strips of pandan or palm leaves (lol thanks Google). I think this is such a cool idea because not only do they make it easy for guests to have a “beach bag” to put their stuff in, they also promote native products and help the local weavers in Albay. There were so many tourists/foreigners staying in the resort and almost all of them were carrying their own bayong. I just thought it was such a cool concept. The Pacific Ocean view rooms are also a much cheaper option than booking the traditional rooms in the resort. Trust me, we didn’t want to leave.

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  • The swimming pools – Misibis Bay doesn’t seem like such a huge resort but it is big enough to take a golf cart around. Service is efficient in Misibis Bay so just request for a golf cart to pick you up and they’ll arrive in a jiffy. There are also quite a number of pools around the resort. There are three swimming pools spread out across Misibis Bay, plus small private ones in the villas so the public pools are never full of people. In fact, the pools at Misibis Bay are so inviting that Vina and I spend most of our time here. Misibis Bay also has a game room (Vina and I played billiards and table tennis) plus a fitness gym with everything you need to get that pump.
  • The beach – I had my expectations low about the beach of the resort since Bicol isn’t known for its pristine beaches. Yes, it was full of pebbles but honestly, I find the beach ‘okay’—it was not stunning, it was not bad either. The beach was surprisingly peaceful and has everything you need for that “beach fix” you’ve been craving for. I also noticed that they put up breakwaters. Apparently, the waves can get pretty nasty there so they had to put this to prevent the beach from eroding.
  • The food – Now let’s talk about the food. I’ve read a couple of reviews about the food being bad but I thought the food was delicious. I got my fair share of the Bicolano dishes I was hoping they’d serve such as laing, adobo sa asin, Bicol express + classic resort food favorites such as grilled squid and steak. My tummy was happy.

If I may add: one of the many things I liked about Misibis Bay is that the staff are well-trained, courteous, helpful and did I mention that they are skilled photographers as well? If you see a photo of Vina and I together in a photo, those were all taken by Misibis Bay’s very talented staff. Special thanks to Charlotte and Lyndon for helping us with our photos!

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  • Do nothing – Typical Vina and I usually wake up early to make the most of our stay but this time, we wanted to keep our trip at a slower pace. The beds in Misibis Bay has some sort of spell because we would usually wake up around 9:30 and be the last guests at the breakfast buffet area. It was hard for us to open our eyes and leave our beds.
  • Swim at the pool – Like I said earlier, the pools in Misibis are so inviting. It’s almost impossible not to feel like a kid and jump into the pool once you arrive. If this is not your thing, you can lounge around the pool area as they have quite a number of lounge chairs and bean bags around the resort. I even took a nap in one of them. Haha! Vina and I personally love the bar area in the pool (get yourself a mango banana smoothie, some chips and maybe a beer) and the lagoon type pool near the private villas!
  • Get active and try the water sports – Vina and I felt like bad guests for not taking advantage of everything the resort has to offer (because siesta is life) but we both spent one afternoon doing all sorts of water activities! We went kayaking, paddle boarding, even hopped on a jet ski (which was so much fun). Misibis Bay also offers hobie cat, a sunset boat cruise, ATV, etc.
  • Get a massage – Vina and I are suckers for massages so we always make sure to try this at every hotel/resort we stay in (if it’s within our travel budget lol). Vina told me I was snoring for the first 5 minutes of the massage (lol stressed much?) so she woke me up to make sure I remember the whole experience. Haha! I think it would be pretty obvious to tell you that the massage was excellent.
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To book your stay at Misibis Bay, click here.

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