Location: Manila, Philippines

Hey guys! Here’s my first attempt at doing a fashion haul! I see these sorts of videos on YouTube all the time and as much as I hate to admit, yes, I enjoy them. I happen to notice that not a lot of menswear vloggers do these sort of videos on their channels. I think that fashion hauls are such a fun and helpful way to narrow down your choices when shopping at a store and inspiring the viewer to shop for the same or similar pieces.

I wanted to kick off this new segment on my blog with a department store haul because it has been forever since I last shopped at one. I remember saving my allowance just so I have new sets of clothes. Given my low budget, I couldn’t afford high end brands. With that, where should a student like me shop? Department stores or ukay-ukays. I thought it would be fun to shop at a department store once again. Needless to say I was impressed with the selection of clothes and how stylish they are! It just goes to show that you don’t need to buy expensive clothes to look put together, right? Give this video some love by leaving a comment and subscribing to my channel. Till the next fashion haul!

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