Before Instagram was a thing, there was fashion blogging. The idea of posting your daily looks on a website seems so absurd now—why would you post it on your blog when you can upload it right away on Instagram? Whether we like it or not, fashion blogs are simply not what they used to be. I must admit, I don’t religiously check my favorite bloggers’ posts anymore—do you? Instead, we take the shortcut of following them on Instagram.

To tell you the truth, I look at Instagram as both a blessing and a curse. Why? With Instagram, you can basically post the same content you have on your blog and it can be viewed by a wider and more responsive audience. I get more engagement with one Instagram post than I do with 10 blog posts combined. Let’s be honest here, checking your favorite bloggers’ Instagram feed is more convenient than opening their web pages.

Why did I suddenly felt the need to write about this? The idea came to mind when I was shooting with my girlfriend yesterday before we attended this fashion week event. While she was snapping photos of me, she then told me “why are you taking so long in shooting? it’s not like you’ll blog about it.” Such a simple and shallow statement but it really sparked something in me. If this was 5 years ago, the answer would be “yes, I will post it on my blog.” Gone were the days when I would shoot content for my blog, go home, write about it and publish the entry right away. Maybe blogging has finally reached its plateau? This brought me back to my early days in the industry when I was just starting out. I got my very first invite to fashion week in 2010—without any money nor budget to buy new clothes, I purchased a pair of boots from an ukay-ukay shop worth 350 pesos. While walking to my seat, the sole of my shoes ripped off completely, leaving the sole in the runway. You can tell how embarrassing that was for me—especially with all those editors on the front row! When I looked back at that moment, I thought to myself, maybe this is why fashion blogging became such a hit (well, 5 years ago at least). It was relatable. Not everyone has the luxury to buy designer clothes or shoes—they could be someone as simple as me. 

When I started, I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but I was eager and passionate enough to keep it updated even with the rise of Instagram, and now, vlogs. A very famous local YouTuber called blogging as the “boring version of vlogging.” I know he meant it as a joke, but of course, it hurt a little. For something you’ve been doing for the past 7 years, something you’ve exerted so much of your time and effort, blogging really changed my life. I became more creative, more adventurous, more sociable, everything I couldn’t be if I didn’t start this blog.

The fact that I could inspire someone to dress better and put in a little more effort in dressing up means a lot to me already. In a way I have helped them improve, not just with how they present themselves, but how they value themselves and boost their confidence. I wish I had this source of inspiration when I had that phase in my life when I was so shy, awkward and had zero confidence. I had no one to turn to but my small circle of friends. With the help of blogs and social media now, I get to discover so many people who I can resonate to. I think that’s the beauty about fashion blogging. You get to choose which ones you can best relate to and those are the people you get influenced by.

Now, this is not me quitting blogging or moving on to a different platform. This is me telling you, that as long as you’re still reading this, I will continue to produce quality content for you. The main goal here is to always inspire you. You may have been inspired by the look, the writeup, the visuals, it doesn’t matter. Just a little bit of inspiration everyday can really make all the difference. My advice to the new generation of bloggers and influencers? Update your platform. Share what you’re passionate about. Don’t just update your blog because a brand is paying you. Think of ways to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. Value your audience. Give them what they want. Engage and communicate with your readers. Inspire them. Work hard. Hard work will get you places. With that, I thought it would be fitting to leave you with an outfit post—just the way I would do it in fashion blogging’s “glory days.” 

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