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I have written so many travel-related blog posts here and yes, they’re all well-curated and presented. But I think it is also important that we talk about the not-so-glamorous side of every trip. With every Insta-worthy photo showcasing me having the best time, there are flight delays, visa problems, getting lost, getting sick, all these things you never get to see. Which is why I decided to start my YouTube channel and share all the behind-the-scenes and show you what really goes on in my life. Sure, you may have all the ingredients of a perfect trip—you booked a good airline, a decent hotel/resort, processed your visa documents on time, itinerary all organized—until you get sick.

I know this seems a bit weird to write about, but I feel like us millennials focus more on what outfits to bring, which parties to go to, what cool cafes and restaurants to try, etc. We don’t really pay much attention to our well being and what the long term effects of not looking after one’s health are. My recent Eurotrip with my girlfriend wherein we traveled to 7 different countries in a span of one month was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever had. But halfway through the trip, we started getting sick to the point that we didn’t get to enjoy the last leg of our Eurotrip. With that, I’ve prepared three simple tips to avoid getting sick while traveling.


There are different kinds of travelers out there. My girlfriend and I happen to be the kind of travelers who wants to experience as much as we can and tick off as many things as possible on our personal bucketlists—even if it means walking the whole day, commuting, eating food to-go, we’re down for it! It took its toll on us when we went to Europe during the summer. The sun sets at around 9:30 in the evening so that’s the only time we eat dinner then head back to our hotel/apartment. We would be so drained almost every night but we would still be troopers and start our day early the following day. My tip is, don’t be like us. Haha! Get some rest! You need it. Traveling can be fun and all but it can also be hectic and stressful so make sure that you do your best to sleep 7-8 hours a night to avoid exhaustion. Not only is a lack of sleep bad for your health and but it can also cause you to be grumpy and irritable, two things you shouldn’t be on a vacation!



I don’t have anything against local food, but be cautious of your food choices when traveling to a foreign country. I know that a big part of traveling to a different country is trying their cuisine but also be mindful with the risk of eating food contaminated by bacteria, parasites or viruses. I don’t mean to sound like your mom (lol), but it’s the truth! You can YOLO all you want but if you get food poisoning, it can really ruin a trip. You don’t want to be left behind or be a hassle to your travel buddies, right?



I can’t stress enough how important it is to load up on vitamins, especially vitamin C. I bring a ziplock bag full of vitamins and other medicines (actually my mom prepares this lol) and I religiously bring this every time I have a trip, even if I’m just going out of town. If you think about it, traveling puts your body through quite a lot of stress even if you don’t realize it. When you travel, you subject your body to changes in air pressure, climate and temperature changes, loss of sleep, and the stresses of planning your travel or staying on schedule. I start taking my vitamins once I settled in my seat on the plane. The air inside plane cabins tends to be less humid, which automatically predisposes passengers to dehydration. I personally take FERN-C for my daily dose of Vitamin C. My mom was the one who kept forcing me to take this since I was in college. Now that I am older, I purchase my own and take ‘em religiously (#adulting). The good thing about this is it’s a non-acidic kind of Vitamin C (I’m acidic btw), it can be taken with an empty stomach (and once or twice a day), it helps boost your immune system, it’s also an anti-oxidant, it makes you look and feel more energized and most importantly, it increases body resistance against infectious diseases so you won’t get sick! FERN-C is a Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C and the only Vitamin C with DSM Quali-C Seal. What’s that? The DSM Quali-C seal stands for FERN-C’s world-class quality, traceability, and supply reliability, thus ensuring you of the product’s safety and efficacy. Sa FERN-C, tiwala ako na KAYA KO! P.S. Make sure you put your vitamins/meds in your handcarry bag/luggage!

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