Photos: Vern Enciso

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Outfit: Rock Band Tee (Bershka) | Tailored Trousers (Straightforward) | Specs (Ray-Ban) | Watch (Daniel Wellington) | Sneakers (Saucony)

Whenever I want to look “stylish” or “put-together,” I always resort to layering my clothes. I feel like it’s the easiest way to create dimension and interest to any look, but hey, it’s not always the most practical. When I found out that I will be going to Las Vegas for an event, the first thing I researched was the weather. 41 freaking degrees, said Google (it didn’t say “freaking” though, lol). I started going through Instagram to see what my favorite LA-based bloggers were wearing (LA is a 4-hour drive from Vegas so it has pretty much the same weather) and most of them are rocking the graphic/band tee trend. I know this trend has been on for way too long but I guess it is also the easiest way to inject a little bit of style, without sacrificing comfort (and the risk of sweating buckets).

As much as I would like to go for the usual “printed button down” look, it just doesn’t seem right since I am nowhere near the beach. I did pack a few, though. Haha!

If you’re planning to rock this trend, the easiest way you can pull off a graphic or rock band tee is to pair it with tailored trousers. When I posted this look on Instagram, I got a lot of comments asking me where I got the pair. Who knew that something so basic would get the attention of so many people? But then again, these are the kind of pieces we need for our daily life and something which we will probably abuse for as long as possible. To answer your question, I got this pair of cropped tailored trousers from Straightforward. Yes, it’s local and I always make sure to check out (and support) their new collections. Other brands that offer these kind of cut and fit are Topman, H&M and Bershka. If you think this is too dressy for your liking, you can always go for ripped jeans or denim shorts. Make sure you pair it with the right sneakers, though! Now, it’s your turn to rock this look. Try it out and see how it works for you! Till the next outfit post!

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