How to Choose the Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

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Location: Manila, Philippines

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Choosing the perfect luggage can be overwhelming. There are so many great brands out there with different structures, features and price levels. You have the upscale, the stylish and the budget-friendly. Luggage is not one-size-fits-all, so it’s ideal that you consider choosing the right suitcase that caters to your travel needs. Are you a light-packer? Are you a photographer that needs space for your equipment? Are you the kind of traveler who overpacks? There are different type of luggages that you can consider before making your next travel investment. With that, here are a few tips that I hope can help you in choosing the best travel luggage for your next voyage.



It is crucial that you choose the right type of luggage that fits your lifestyle. Are you the adventurer type, or do you mostly travel for business? If yes, a hard shell luggage is ideal for you as this offers protection for your stuff. Hard case suitcases are not prone to stretching or movement—meaning they are able to take a beating to save items inside such as gadgets, bottles or other fragile souvenirs. One trip could destroy your luggage once they put it through the conveyor belt. Hard case luggages solve this problem because it is made from tough materials. Plus, this material protects it from the rain and spills from other people’s luggages. They will likely last longer than your average black fabric suitcase.



I hate to admit this, but I am one of those brand-conscious consumers who always go for upscale, established brands thinking they could last for a very long time—but that’s not always the case (no pun intended here). I purchased a luggage that cost me 30k pesos and there were 2 instances wherein the locks wouldn’t work and I had to ask help from the hotel staff to force it open. It was such a hassle for me and after those two little incidents, that’s when I decided to go for a cheaper alternative. So don’t be afraid or embarrassed to buy those 3-piece luggage sets—sure, it’s way cheaper and you can expect cracks and scratches sooner than you think, but they’ll likely last you several years too!



Do yourself a favor and avoid the endless search of your lugagge in a sea of black luggage by opting for brightly-covered or printed suitcases. Checked-in bags should be easily recognizable from afar—save time and avoid theft or mix-ups! I heard so many stories about travellers leaving the airport with someone else’s bag. Yikes! If you don’t fancy bright or loud luggages, you can go for a neutral color and put a colorful luggage tag or maybe tie a brightly-colored ribbon or scarf around the handle. Printed luggage covers are also popular right now so you can go for that, too!



If you don’t think a hard shell luggage is for you, then I see no problem in buying a soft luggage. I personally prefer hard cases but this one is perfect for “over packers” as they flex under pressure. Softside luggages are more flexible than hard shell suitcases because by nature, canvas and similar materials just happen to be more flexible. This means that it’s much simpler for these pieces to fit into tight spaces or collapse down to allow for extra space for your other travel bags. If you’re traveling and you know that you’re going to bring back more than you left with, an expandable softside luggage is for you.


Luggage #1 from Mia Toro (hard shell luggage), Luggage #2 and #3 from Nicole Miller (3-piece hardside set), Luggage #4 from Perry Ellis (soft luggage) | All luggages featured in this post are available at S&R | You can find S&R at Bonifacio Global City, Congressional, Alabang, Aseana-Baclaran, Shaw, Imus, Nuvali, Pampanga, Cebu, Davao, CDO and Iloilo | For more details, visit and follow them on Instagram here.

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