Photos: DeeGee Razon

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Copper Jacket (Topman) | Olive Green Shirt (Topman) | Beige Trousers (Topman) | Brown Watch (Andreas Ingeman) | Sneakers (Saucony)

I know you might be thinking “is copper even trendy?” Well, not necessarily. I would like to believe that copper has always been a classic and timeless color—but it is often neglected in the menswear department. We usually go for black, navy blue, white and grey. The closest we can get to this color scheme is beige or dark brown.

However, when you inject this color in your outfit—you need to either go hard or go home. Since copper has such a distinct color, it has to complemented with similar hues for it to work. Whenever I would wear this color, I would always go for beige trousers and match it with another piece with a similar tone. Copper provides such a sophisticated but understated element of “cool” to any look—so try it out and see how it works for you!

copper5 copper2 copper3copper7 copper6 copper4 copper8 copper1
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