Photos: Vina Guerrero

Location: Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Outfit: Denim Jacket (Guess) | Logo Tee (Guess) | Specs (Shop at Blair) | Beige Trousers (Straightforward) | Sneakers (Saucony)

Heads up! Logo tees are back, and they are back with a vengeance. Did you ever had a phase when you would wear shirts or sweaters that are brand-heavy? No, I’m not talking about a crocodile logo (lol), think Dickies, Gap, Fila, Guess, etc. Haha! I know some of you are cringing right now, but yes, logo-mania is back.

A couple of days ago I went inside a Guess store and I saw a couple of dudes looking for a Guess logo tee (I was holding on to the last piece). That’s how this trend is flourishing right now. Fashion may come and go but sometimes the classics can’t help but trump at all.

If you follow a lot of street style blogs and Instagram accounts, you would see a bunch of fashion girls and boys flaunting this iconic 2000s trend.

If you’re wondering how you can revive this trend and pull it off the right way (the way it won’t look like a freebie shirt or you’re having a lazy day), choose a brand that you love (make sure it’s an iconic one) and style it your own way. Note that since you’re only wearing a shirt, you need to make an extra effort with the styling. Try this trend and I want to see how you rock it! Tag me on Twitter and/or Instagram or you can comment below!

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