Location: Laguna, Philippines

Outfit: White Button Down (Old Navy) | Trousers (Straightforward) | Straw Hat (Zara Man) | Sandals (Call it Spring)

Looking back at my old style posts on the blog, I noticed that I took inspiration from the most random things. Some people would find inspiration in fashion magazines or style blogs—but I took inspiration from cartoons, movies that I watched, tv series I follow, even a color palette of a building. Haha! Now that I’m more mature (or so I’d like to think), yes, I still get inspiration from the same things, but I would recreate this looks in a more subtle and more refined way.

I went to this beautiful farm in Laguna with my girlfriend and family for a birthday party—but being a blogger, I always have a hidden agenda. It was the perfect place to create a look that would fit this kind of environment and share it with my audience. So after spending a few hours petting rabbits, goats and turkeys, it was time to shoot some sick photos! Haha!

My girlfriend and I chanced upon this old, rustic but beautiful farm truck in the middle of a field and snapped away.

Let’s talk about the outfit. I took inspiration from Tom Sawyer, the mischievous small-town boy who spends most of the novel getting himself and his friends into trouble. I have very vague memories about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn, but I vividly remember the photos in the book/s. If Tom Sawyer were to grew up in the book, this is how I imagined him to look. Something clean and simple—but cool and effortless. A light, woven long-sleeved button down tucked in a pair of light grey trousers, paired with a brown braided belt, sandals and a big straw hat. Would Tom Sawyer be proud? Haha! How about you, I want to know where you guys get your inspiration. Feel free to comment down below!

farm_5 farm_2 farm_3 farm_1 farm_4 farm_6
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