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One of the things that struck me most about my Switzerland trip was all the beautiful hotels we got to stay in. They say that staying in a 3-star hotel in Switzerland is like staying in a 5-star hotel elsewhere. Switzerland has an impressive variety of different accommodations, ranging from four-star hotels to beautiful lakefront inns and hip hostels. In a span of 6 days in Switzerland, I got to stay in some of the best and most charming hotels in Zürich, Thun, Chexbres and Geneva.

Now you’re probably thinking, “But it’s so expensive in Switzerland. It must’ve cost a fortune to stay in one of those hotels!” You are probably right. Since I was on a business trip with The Embassy of Switzerland in The Philippines, they made sure that we get the best hotels in each city/canton. If you are looking for a hotel in Switzerland, you can opt for these hotels I featured below or you can look for a cheap apartment. I got to find a cheap Airbnb apartment during my Eurotrip last year.

It was only a few minutes away from Zürich HB (main station), the apartment was so cozy, the bed was comfy and the bathroom was clean and tidy. That’s all you need for a good night’s rest before you spend a full day walking/touring, right? But then again, the quality of service in Switzerland is always topnotch. So everywhere you go, you are bound to get the best Swiss experience. I am the kind of traveler who prefers to save money on lodging, so I can use that extra money on other logistics. But I have also met a couple of traveler who love splurging on nice and fancy hotels—to get the full experience. To each his own, right? Here’s the link of the Airbnb apartment I booked (click here).

Since we had a pretty tight schedule during the trip, I did not get to fully explore the hotel (except for the hotel in Zürich). However, I was able to snap a few photos before I made a complete mess of the room/s lol. Read on if you’re interested to get ideas where to stay in Switzerland for your next Eurotrip. Enjoy. 


For our first stop of the trip, we stayed at Hotel Greulich Design and Lifestyle Hotel in Zürich. Situated in Zurich’s vibrant District 4 is this beautiful hotel with 28 rooms, a café, a summer boulevard as well as a bar and a cigar lounge. Although Zürich boasts a a rich history and the famous old town, it is also known for its shopping district, business hubs and the main and largest train station in Switzerland—so it was only fitting that we got to stay in a quirky, contemporary and modern hotel.

I got to stay in one of the Design Rooms located in a quiet courtyard (see photo 1 and 2). Upon entering, I was greeted by a bright, white setting with high ceilings (this seems to be very popular in Switzerland), complete with a huge bed, an elevated area with a small living room with a tv, a beautiful grey sofa and a desk with a really huge lamp (there was a night when I had too much wine, I thought I was hallucinating because the lamp seemed really bigger than usual. Turns out, the lamp is just really big haha). There is also a translucent wall border dividing the bedroom and bathroom. L’Occitane shower gels, shampoo, hand soap and body lotion were also available. Trust me, I wanted to bring everything home. Haha!

This was the only hotel during my trip wherein I got to fully explore its facilities and neighbourhood, as we got to stay here for 2 nights. Since I was still jet-lagged, I would wake up at around 3am and go jogging around the neighbourhood. Zürich is also known as a biking city so they have bikes free for the guests to use. Oh, make sure you try their smoked salmon in the breakfast buffet!

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Okay, this has to be my favorite hotel during my entire stay in Switzerland. However, it is difficult to compare it to the hotel I stayed in Zürich as they’re completely different from each other. If Hotel Greulich is quirky, contemporary and modern, Hotel Spedition is more rustic, cozy and classic. From the dark wood frames to the dodge blue cushions, it was almost like my Instagram feed was coming to life. Haha! Sadly, we only stayed here for one night and trust me, it was hard for me to leave this place. There were so many things I wanted to do.

The hotel is filled with surprises, and every room has its own character. Inspired by the idea of a spediteur who left the rat race and started exploring life beyond the straight line between A and B, the rooms feature collections of all sorts of interesting things, from umbrella handles and antique cobbler’s lasts to wine labels and model railway cars. I checked-in at this sleek and attic-style room, perfect for a bachelor. There is also a little library tucked away on the same floor, with a beautiful hand-picked selection of Parisian books and couches by the window where you can relax and read. On the second floor there is a Nespresso machine free for all the guests plus a shoe shine corner! On the ground floor there is a restaurant which is quite popular with the locals. The tables are full every night and people go out of their way to stay overnight here. We got to experience this and boy, it did not disappoint.

P.S. A big thank you to the wonderful staff of Hotel Spedition for returning my coat! Again, I had too much wine the night before we checked-out that I forgot to get it from the coat rack. They were nice enough to send it back to me in my hotel in Geneva!

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At the heart of the Lavaux Vineyard (a UNESCO heritage site), is Hotel Le Baron Tavernier. If the hotel we stayed in Zürich and Thun offered stunning and charming interiors, this one takes home the cake by offering a spectacular view of Lake Geneva. How can anyone top that? We checked-in around 9 in the evening, tired from all our meetings and activities so we did not have the energy nor the luxury of time to explore the hotel. After settling in, I had a good night’s sleep, woke up around 6 in the morning, stepped outside and I was greeted by a stunning view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

Baron Tavernier (1605-1689) was without a doubt one of the greatest explorers of the 17th century. A pioneering adventurer and reporter, this cloth and diamond merchant meticulously recorded his journeys in the Middle East and Asia in several well-known works. His keen mind, his burning curiosity and his insatiable thirst for discovery earned Tavernier invitations to be the privileged guest of the most prestigious sovereigns of his era. A permanent exhibition in the hotel displays several objects linked to the illustrious traveller: facsimiles of the large diamonds that he brought from India to King Louis XIV of France – among them the famous “Hope diamond” – one of his books, stained-glass windows, engravings, etc. Today, his story is perpetuated in the hotel rooms, decorated with the treasures and mysteries brought back by this illustrious and gallant individual. To be honest, the hotel had an eerie feel to it. Nevertheless, staying here was an unforgettable experience.

chexbres_3 chexbres_5 chexbres_2 chexbres_4 chexbres_1 chexbres_6
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Since Geneva is located in the Frech-speaking part of Switzerland, French architecture is so evident in this city. Staying at Hotel Tiffany was like staying in a chic Parisian hotel—how can one complain? Housed in a 19th C. building in the Arts district, at the foot of the Old Town, the Tiffany Hotel Geneva has the timeless appeal of Art Nouveau style with a contemporary twist. The 65 rooms and suites offer modern technology in a refined setting. While we were checking-in, we found out that we all got upgraded to a Presidential Suite! Upon entering the room, I was in complete awe. The room could fit 12 people! Haha! A king size bed, a huge living room area, a hallway, a walk-in closet,a huge bathroom and a really big terrace/patio.

Since it was our last day in Switzerland, we wanted to experience the Swiss nightlife. Turns out, our hotel was only a short walk away from all the bars/pubs! Of course, a part of me wanted to just stay-in and take advantage of the suite. But then again, I failed and went out (I feel like I have a bad reputation to you guys now lol). Nevertheless, we all got to enjoy the suite and the breakfast buffet in the morning. Hotel Tiffany in Geneva is indeed a very elegant and cozy place to stay.

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