Photos: Vina Guerrero

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: All clothes except for the accessories and shoes are from Perry Ellis

For someone who lives in a tropical country like The Philippines, you would think that I have mastered the art of dressing for the summer season in Manila. Well, you’re wrong. Like most of you, I find it so challenging to balance comfort and style. With temperatures rising up quickly in the city, I sometimes tend to sacrifice the latter. But with a little experiment (trial and error is key), I was able to build a wardrobe for summer that’s not meant for the beach. Instead, clothes you can wear for a formal event, a lunch meeting or maybe a casual day out that are breathable, breezy, some are dark (yes you can wear this during summer, trust me), yet still very comfortable.

I popped in to Perry Ellis to look for pieces that are perfect for the summer season. I have always loved rummaging through the racks of their store–every visit, I find a new piece or print which I have never seen elsewhere. If you’re looking for a wide variety of clothing pieces without really going out of your comfort zone, Perry Ellis is the brand for you. I have prepared three (3) looks for summer that will make you feel stylish yet comfortable for the summer season in Manila.


I know what you’re thinking–a suit in the midst of the scorching hot weather in Manila? You gotta be kidding. I say give it a chance. If you spend most of your time indoors anyway, give it a go. Make sure you look for a suit that are woven or linen. Perry Ellis offers blazers and trousers that are travel-friendly, meaning they are light, breathable and does not wrinkle easily. I opted for navy blue, a color not really meant for summer, but I made sure to break it by adding hints of white from my t-shirt (which is ideal for the weather) and a pair of white sneakers.


You would rarely see me dressing like this but I made sure to come up with a look that is relatable for all you guys out there who work corporate jobs. Dressing for the office during the summer can get a little tricky because you want to be comfortable for that morning and late night commute, look presentable during those lunch and afternoon meetings and maybe squeeze in a dinner date or movie with your significant other. To achieve this, go for clothing pieces that are pleasing to the eyes. Go for khaki or beige trousers, a mint or any light-colored top/button down shirt and add a few touches of brown with your belt, watch and shoes.

Look3a Look3b 3

I can never give up navy blue, whatever season it may be. I just feel like it’s the color that best suits my skin color and I instantly feel good when I wear it. For a casual day at the mall or a night out with your bros, go for tailored trousers and a breathable top. Take a little risk and go for a printed one. No, I’m not talking about a cliché pinstripe or striped button down, go for something a little more different that usual. It doesn’t have to be a floral or palm tree (those would work too), but something bizarre enough that would life up your mood and remind you of the beach. Go ahead and step out of your comfort zone! Now, which of the three looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below!

Photos taken using my Fujifilm X-T10 (35mm lens) | All clothes I’m wearing except for the accessories and shoes are from Perry Ellis
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