Photos: Laureen Uy and Patricia Prieto

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Outfit: Navy Blue Overcoat (H&M) | Brown Sweater (Original Penguin) | Leather Envelope Bag (Tocco Toscano) | Navy Blue Grid Trousers (8 Seconds Korea) | Brown Leather Brogues (Call it Spring)

When packing for a trip during the winter, I make sure I bring a few versatile pieces–clothes that are easy to mix and match with one another, without creating similar-looking outfits (you don’t want that). For my 7-day trip in Switzerland I only brought 3 overcoats–black, brown and navy blue (plus an olive green light trench). I was actually wearing the same navy blue overcoat in my previous outfit post (check it out here), but see how different the styling is? This is something I always take into consideration when styling looks for a trip. Making sure I maximize the clothes I’m bringing (to save luggage space) and creating a strong visual interest for each look.

I got this simple navy blue overcoat from H&M while I was in Venice, Italy last year. I was on the lookout for a navy blue piece so I randomly went inside an H&M store. It was my first time to travel alone so I was completely in-control of my itinerary (I will tell you more about my first solo trip soon). I saw this beautiful and structured overcoat hanging in the racks and I knew I just had to get it. Plus, it was only 55 Euro (about 3,000 pesos)!

Most overcoats in Manila cost around 5 to 6,000 pesos so this was such a steal. Funny story about this coat, I left it in one of the hotels in Switzerland! Haha! I hanged my coat in the coat rack in the restaurant, had too much wine, completely forgot about my coat, went to another city and wondering why I have so much extra luggage space. Haha! The hotel staff were nice enough to bring it back to me.

About the styling, I wanted to go for something a little more classy for a walk around the old town of Zürich. Whenever I pack for a trip, I also make sure to get inspirations online. I follow a lot of Japanese street style accounts and the “bathrobe” looks seems to be such a hit. I wanted to recreate this look but my overcoat did not have a belt. Instead, I got one from my trench coat then tied it around my overcoat. I think it looks pretty polished! Good thing the coat and the belt are of the same shade. So the next time you’re going to shop for your trip in the winter, make sure you invest in a classic, well tailored navy blue overcoat. Trust me.

navy_8 navy_3 navy_1A navy_6 navy_7 navy_9 navy_2 navy_5 navy_4
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