Photos: Patricia Prieto

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Outfit: Black Coat (Zara Man) | Grey Sweater (H&M) | Grey Trousers (Japan) | Beanie (H&M) | Specs (Shop at Blair) | Sneakers (Skechers)

Everybody’s bored with the same silhouette, don’t you agree? The skinny jean has had its day. I too, have joined the skinny jeans bandwagon before, moved on, grew up and opted for a more relaxed shape and style. For about 2 years now, I wear more tailored trousers/jeans. I would only wear something that’s either tapered or straight cut. In my recent trip to Japan, Tim Yap and I went shopping in Namba and came across this pair of wide legged trousers. Tim instantly fell in love with them and purchased one in every color. He told me that I should buy at least one pair and see how I would style/work the wide legged trend. Talk about peer pressure. Haha! Obviously, I purchased a pair. My trip to Switzerland would be the perfect opportunity for me to rock this wide-legged trouser, I thought to myself. No one knows me and no one would judge me–or so I’d like to think.
The trend is pretty self-explanatory. Wide legged trousers is, well, wide-legged. There isn’t any tapering in the leg of the trouser, they just simply go straight down, skimming over your legs and creating this almost boxy shape. When sporting this trend, it’s either you go all out or stay in your comfort zone. For beginners, try a pair of black wide-legged trousers and maybe go for an all-black look. It’s safe but the pants are flowy and boxy enough to give your look an edgy vibe. I opted for a grey pair because they would look more evident in photos (#bloggerproblems). I wore it with a grey sweater to create the perfect monotony then adding layers of black from the long coat and beanie. It definitely feels more enjoyable to wear clothes with a bit of drape to them. My next challenge is to style this pair and wear it in Manila. How about you? Are you ready to say hello to a brand new pair of wide legged trousers to fill your wardrobe? Try out this trend and see how you like it!


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