How to Rock a Denim Jacket During Winter

Photos: Patricia Prieto

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Outfit: Olive Green Trench Coat (GU) | Denim Jacket (Guess) | Grey Sweater (H&M) | Grey Trousers (8 Seconds)

Ahhh, the jean jacket. Every guy’s favorite style staple. I should know, I think I have about 8 different denim jackets in my wardrobe. I just think it’s such an easy way to spice up any look–without breaking the bank. You can find jean jackets just about anywhere. But–here’s the harsh reality: they’re not made for winter. I know a lot of you guys love traveling and it seems like a denim jacket is the easiest piece to wear and bring during your trip. Although denim is not great at repelling wind or wetness, I am here to tell you that denim jackets are the way to go–regardless of the season.

The key is smart layering. Treat your denim jacket as an inner coat or a button down shirt. Trust me, it looks great. To give you an example,

I wore my favorite denim jacket to my recent trip to Switzerland. I threw in this beautiful olive green trench coat I got from Japan and it instantly created a beautiful contrast. I just love the combination of blue denim and olive green. It seems so unconventional and unexpected, don’t you think? I also wore a grey sweater with grey trousers and made it the perfect canvas for the denim and olive green coat. I also did not want to overpack for this trip so this was the same jacket I wore to my flight back to The Philippines. Since I already brought 3 heavy coats and 1 light one for this trip, I wanted to bring one that would keep me warm, at the same time appropriate for The Philippine weather when I get back. If you plan to wear denim during your next winter trip, please do send me photos and show me how you rocked this versatile piece!


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