Photos: Hezron Peralta

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Grey Suit (Topman) | Nude Hoodie (Topman) | Sneakers (Converse)

Forget what you’ve heard. This season, Topman is presenting five new style commandments that are guaranteed to upgrade your look without requiring a full wardrobe overhaul. The New Rules: namely, “#1 Tuck it In, #2 Double Up, #3 Crop & Contrast, #4 Keep on Track and #5 Layer Game” —all style rules are essential in changing the game in fashion. With that, I decided to bring to life one of these new rules to give you a clear idea about what it’s all about. We owe it to Topman for coming up with this and helping us experiment with new styles and trends—while using pieces that we already have in our wardrobe.

I decided to pick The New Rule #4: “Keep on Track”—this style commandment is basically mixing tailoring and track tops for a contemporary take on smart dressing. Think athleisure with a kick of semi-formal. I’m a huge fan of wearing a blazer and styling it with a pair of joggers. This would be the easy way to go when you’re trying to achieve this The New Rule #4, right? But what about if it’s the other way around? Formal trousers paired with athletic tops? Hmmm. Quite tricky to pull off, don’t you think? I don’t think I ever thought of wearing something that I could wear to the gym and pair it with something I would wear to a formal gathering. Have you?

The key pieces you need to achieve this look are the following: a pair of tailored trousers, a blazer, a hoodie and a pair of your favorite sneakers/trainers. Instead of wearing a shirt or a button down with your suit, change the game and go for a hoodie. Yes, a hoodie. I went for this beautiful light grey suit and styled it with a nude hoodie. The mix of different fabrics and the fusion of light colored hues created a look that is easy and pleasing to the eyes. If you think a blazer or a hoodie is too much (or too hot to wear in Manila), go for your favorite tank top or muscle tee and tuck it inside your tailored trousers. This gives off a “I’m mature, but not quite yet” vibe.

If you have these key pieces already and have a clear idea on how you would style this look, then I think you’re ready to rock this trend. Experiment, see how it works for you and don’t forget to give your own flare to it. The next agenda on my list is to try the other 4 new rules—I suggest you guys do the same. Also, if you happen to have any photos rocking any of these “New Rules,” post it on Instagram, tag me and use the hashtags #NewRulesPH and #TopmanPH. Don’t forget to comment on this post and let me know what you think of this look! Cheers! 

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