Location: Puerto Galera, Philippines

Outfit: Navy Blue Button Down (Topman) | Necklace (Aldo Accessories) | Sunglasses (Ray-Ban) | Shorts (Cotton On)

What’s up guys! I feel like it has been such a long time since I last published new and fresh content here on the blog. I recently came from Switzerland for a press trip (I’ll tell you more about it on my next series of posts) with a couple of my blogger friends Laureen Uy and Patricia Prieto. Spending almost a week with them inspired me to go back to blogging again. They too have their own online dilemma of failing to update their respective blogs regularly. With the success of Instagram and Snapchat, we tend to share our content on those platforms first wherein as to 5-7 years ago, it was the other way around. But I have been so passionate about blogging and photography before it has become a business for most bloggers/influencers–that is why I would like to try once again and update this blog as often as I can. My mindset has always been “quality over quantity.”
But if I can get as many content as I can (hopefully not compromising the quality), it would be a win-win not just for me, but to you, my dear readers, who still religiously reads blogs.

I wanted to share a few photos from my trip to Puerto Galera a couple of weeks ago. It was very special for me because it was my first ever beach trip for the year. I have been traveling abroad for work a lot and when I am in Manila, most of my time is spent attending events, meeting with clients, writing, shooting and editing. This trip was something to be cherished, for sure. I can’t remember the last time I laid on the beach, took a nap and not think about anything. Talk about a much needed break! How about you, any beach trips lined up this summer?

beach3 beach1 beach4 beach2
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