Photos: Mikyle Quizon and Michael Macalos

Location: Manila, Philippines

Good quality, design and performance are some of the factors I look for when choosing a phone that will fit my lifestyle. I would be lying if I told you that the camera isn’t the first thing I check when I come across a new phone. Being a blogger, good quality photos are what gets my audience’s attention. The photos that I post on social media should always be of good composition, angle, styling, color scheme, etc. All these elements should coexist to produce a photo that would get those likes and engagement from our readers (you guys!). If you’re a blogger, a photographer, an Instagrammer, a photography junkie, or heck, a millennial in general, then you’re probably familiar with the term “feed goals.” In case you’re living under a rock, let me explain it to you. “Feed goals” basically means that all your photos have a consistent element or theme to tie all them together.

To be able to achieve this, I believe that each individual photo you post online should be of good quality, whether it was taken with a professional camera or just your phone. I follow a lot of international bloggers, the likes of Pelayo Diaz, Margaret Zhang, Adam Gallagher, Natalie Suarez and Nicole Warne, and they’re all definitely “feed goals” even when they post selfies taken with their phones. It could be that they’re all just insanely good-looking and don’t have pores, or maybe they have a good selfie camera. Now, what if I told you that there’s such a thing as a phone with a 20-megapixel front camera? That’s basically like a mirrorless camera and a phone in one! Yup, I’m still wrapping my head around it!

After months of speculation and leaks on the specs of the newest and most advanced selfie phone in the market, yup, Vivo Philippines finally launched the Vivo V5 Plus in a star-studded event last night. It was entertaining to see all the celebrities, lifestyle and style bloggers all eager to play with the new Vivo V5 Plus—hoping it would all step up our Insta-game.

I heard about the Vivo V5 Plus through my blogger friend Verniece. Her photos improved so much which made me curious about what camera she has been using recently. She told me that she uses her Vivo V5 Plus camera phone, specifically for selfies and flatlays. The Vivo V5 Plus is equipped with the world’s first ever dual-front facing cameras.

The primary front camera, a 20-megapixel IMX376 was co-engineered with top electronics company, Sony (gasp), while the secondary 8-megapixel camera was designed to collect depth-of-field information for imporved self-portrait quality.

The Vivo V5 Plus boasts an advanced selfie technology that features a “bokeh” effect. You know, those background-blurring photography filters that only professional dslr or mirrorless cameras can achieve. Well, the V5 Plus can do just that. Imagine having crisp details on your photo and blurring out the unnecessary elements? A dream for every fashion blogger like me–haha! This is also complemented by Vivo’s enhanced face beauty algorithm that allows users to take radiant selfies with no need for editing or correction. Imagine looking fresh and on-point all the time. Well, at least through the lenses of the V5 Plus. Haha! This baby also has a “selfie soft light” which makes selfie-taking possible even in poor lighting conditions. As for its rear camera, Vivo V5 Plus features an impressive 1/2.8 inch 16-megapixel sensor for ultra-clear and high-quality photos.

Aside from its stunning camera features, the Vivo V5 Plus boasts a superior sound system, using the same Hi-Fi system of Vivo’s recent flagship models, and perfected in over two years–the AK4376. Perfect for someone like me who spends a ton of time watching YouTube videos I’m subscribed to.The phone is also equipped with 4GB RAM, 64GN ROM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. I’ve no idea what that is but basically, the new Vivo model is capable of performing multiple phone tasks in a speedy and efficient manner. For a unique touch, the phone runs on Vivo’s very own Funtouch 3.0 operating system, based on Android 6.0. Very useful especially since I manage so many social networking sites (I’m sure you guys do too) plus check my emails, etc.

I don’t want to go through every single feature of the Vivo V5 Plus since I don’t have a unit yet. I was only able to play around with it at the launch yesterday. If I finally get the chance to own one, I’ll definitely do a more detailed review. But as of now, I only got to play around with the camera and it is absolutely impressive. I’ll try to update this blog post with the photos I took with the Vivo V5 Plus. But for now, let me share with you a few snaps from yesterday’s launch. Enjoy.

For updates or inquiries about the Vivo V5 Plus, please visit the Vivo website at or like their Facebook page and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Instagram


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