I have teamed up with S&R last year for a fun and exciting collaboration wherein I would do monthly visits, pick my favorite items for the month and share it with you guys! This year I’m going all out and try to blog about it as much as I can (I have no excuse—there’s a nearby S&R from my place. Haha!) Especially now that my readers have grown from just highschool and college students, to yuppies who do their own groceries! Okay, that made me feel a little old. Haha! Kidding aside, since I was a kid, groceries were eqivalent to going to the playground for me. I find joy picking out my favorite snacks from the stalls and filling up my own grocery cart (my parents probably hated it but whatever haha). Now that I do my own groceries, I still get that joy and excitement—especially because I do it religiously at S&R.
I always feel like I’m doing some holiday grocery shopping. Isn’t it always so festive at S&R? The sight of cakes, wine bottles, cold cuts, cheese and free taste never fails to give me that holiday rush. I also love the fact that I discover a lot of new brands from products I haven’t even heard of in my life. S&R brings the popular snacks one can only find abroad so imagine my delight whenever I would come across these at the grocery.

This month I picked my favorites (stuff I never fail to put in the cart whenever I’m at S&R) and a bunch of cool ones worth buying! Scroll down below to see what these items are. Enjoy.

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