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Do you ever go to a store and get so giddy, you can spend hours exploring it? That’s how I am when I go to Urbanize. Ever since I heard about it from a friend, it has been my favorite one-stop shop for all my tech and lifestyle needs. May it be a new pair of earphones that I need, a new bag I’m planning to buy, a travel organizer I need for an upcoming trip, a gift to give to my family or friends, or if I simply just want to roam around and see what new items they have, Urbanize never fails to make my techy heart delighted.
This month I’m only highlighting four (4) products. I recently spent 3 amazing weeks in Europe plus another week in Japan for my year-ender trip. These products really made my life much more easier during the trip. After all, this is really what this segment is all about. To feature products that makes our lives a little more easier. That way, we are more organized, meaning, we get to accomplish more in a day and live an orderly life. You with me? Let’s start.


curriculum_1 curriculum_2 curriculumtext

It’s not a millennial essentials post without a bag feature. I feature different kinds of bags on this segment and it gets a lot of good feedback especially from yuppies. We’re in that stage wherein we need to make wise decisions about what we buy, making sure the item is functional, easy to bring around (since we, millennials are always on-the-go) but at the same time, without compromising style. My favorite brand as of the moment is Focused Space (which I featured last month). Judging from its brand name, the bags really maximizes its space, making sure everything is in the right place.

The bag is called the “Curriculum Backpack,” it is Urbanize’s best-selling urban backpack that you can put to work for the long term. For someone who brings a lot with him/her everyday, this backpack is perfect because it has a large zippered compartment, a padded 15” laptop/tablet compartment , an easy L-zip front pocket opening, dual side slip pockets, a structured body with a reinforced base panel. My favorite feature? The quilted design. I also love the fact that it’s grey. If you’ve been following my blog since the early days, I have a ton of grey backpacks. Since its neutral, they pretty much go with any outfit. May it be an out-of-town trip, a commute to the office or a school bag from students, it can make one look put-together in a snap. It’s distinct, fashionable, sophisticated and at the same time, functional. This is definitely a good buy for me!

allett_1 allett_2 allett_text

Do you sometimes feel like bringing a wallet around is such a hassle? I know I do. I especially hate it I put it in my jeans pocket, making it look like I have an uneven butt (lol) or worse, it’s too bulky that I have to hold it around, making it look like I’m on lunchbreak (lol me and my superficial problems) or worse, making myself an easy target from pickpockets.

This wallet from Allett won’t weigh you down. They offer light, sleek and functional wallets that are comfortable to carry around. The nylon interior resists moisture, as well as its rubber-gripped card pockets, making sure it won’t slip from your pocket. It is also compatible with different international denominations, Philippine pesos, American dollars, Malaysian ringgit, to name a few. Meaning this is a great option if you’re traveling as well. Don’t underestimate this baby, the “allett” can hold up to 10 cards with a single cash pocket. Perfect to bring around for events, a party or a trip wherein you don’t need to bring all the unnecessary things. Yup, I’m talking about your SM Advantage card, your Coffee Bean Swirl Card, your Gold’s Gym Membership card, etc. Haha! The Allett is definitely one of my best finds ever. I highly recommend it!

pill_1 pill_2 pill_3 pill_text

Probably my favorite find as of to date—just because I find it so useful for my everyday life! (Oh god, I feel so old for appreciating a pill organizer lol). Kidding aside, this deluxe pill organizer from Lewis N’ Clark is a foldable medication organizer that includes compartments for 9 dosages, making it perfect for both travel and everyday use. I usually take 4 pills everyday (Amino for my pre and post-workouts, vitamin C and OMX) so organizing the vitamins I need to take before the week start saves me a lot of time. It is folded out like your usual passport organizer and has 9 removable, slide-locking compartments with specific numbers indicated on them. It also includes a medical reference card that keeps your medical information handy. Also, whenever I’m on a trip, it’s easy for me to lose track of what day it is, but having this pill organizer around keeps me sane, for lack of a better term. Haha! Definitely a good buy!

multi_1 multi_2 multi_text

I was supposed to buy a swiss knife during my trip to Switzerland (because why wouldn’t I? Haha) but good thing I didn’t (because it was pretty pricey) and came across this MultiTool from Lewis N’ Clark. I feel like it’s one of the things you need to have with you, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type. Nothing like feeling like a good ol’ reliable boy scout and having one handy! Last year I took 2 camping trips and believe me, this baby is really necessary. Not just for the millennial, but for anyone who loves the great outdoors. After a major redesign, the MultiTool is now better than ever. With screwdrivers, pliers, a knife, a carabiner (a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect stuff) and more. It’s the perfect all-around multipurpose tool to use for your everyday adventures and travels. It is made of stainless steel, has needle-nose pliers, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a 1.5 inch knife and a bottle opener (of course everyone needs a bottle opener handy for those bonfire parties lol), an anodized aluminum handle with a carabiner. It also comes in a water-resistant case.

All items are available at these Urbanize outlets: U.P. Town Center, Gateway, Shangri-La, Glorietta3, Uptown BGC, Venice Grand Canal, Kiss & Fly NAIA Terminal 3, Alabang Town Center, The District-Imus, Solenad and Serin – Tagaytay | For more information about these products, visit, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram
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