Photos: Vina Guerrero

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Blazer (H&M) | Shirt (Joe Fresh) | Trousers (Uniqlo) | Leather Bag (Tocco Toscano) | Leather Shoes (H&M)

It’s only the first month of the year and I have already worn a total of 5 different suits. That’s quite a lot considering how I usually go out wearing something laid back. I have already attended 2 weddings, 3 formal events this month. Sigh, I’m really getting old, am I? Haha! Last year it was all festivals and rave parties, this year it’s the complete opposite. Oh well, I just have to suck it in and accept the fact that I have to grow up. Haha!

I attended a formal lunch event at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila last week. You guys know what that means–Spiral Buffet.

I made sure to look my best without sacrificing comfort (by comfort, I mean something I can move around in when I eat all that steak, foie gras, cheese, cold cuts, salmon sashimi and dessert. Haha!) I opted for a plain white shirt to give it a more laid back feel. I’ll probably wear a crisp white polo and a slim tie if it were a dinner event. Paired it with this beautiful leather bag I got as a gift from my Tocco Toscano during Digital Fashion Week plus a pair of my current favorite leather shoes of the moment. I’m obsessed with it! Let me know how you guys like this look by leaving a comment down below! Enjoy.


sofitel_1 sofitel_2 sofitel_3 sofitel_4
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