Photos: Hezron Peralta

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Denim Jacket (Topman), Rockband Tee (H&M), Pants (H&M), Smart Watch (Moto 360), Leather Backpack (Versace), Leather Shoes (Dr. Martens)

Okay, it’s not really on the floor, but you get the picture. You guys have no idea how much I missed doing outfit posts on the blog. With the rise of Instagram and micro-blogging, there’s still nothing quite like that gush of creative juice I get every time I open my laptop and draft a new blog post. From post-processing the photos, selecting which ones will make it to the blog, doing the layouts and making sure I present it in a way that is visually pleasing for me and you–it’s a long process I will never get tired of. It’s just that I have been too busy curating and planning my Instagram feed or I feel a bit overwhelmed that I have all this content I want to share with you guys, but there is too much and I end up not sharing anything at all. I would always say, “it’s on Instagram anyway.” If you’re not a fan of blogs or if you’re not from this generation (lol) and you come across this blog post, you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking how superficial or obnoxious this blog post is. But whatever, this started out as a personal blog anyway. I always think I can get away with it by writing whatever I want. After all, this is my little digital space in the online world.

Moving on, I got this beautiful leather bag from Versace a couple of months ago in Shangri La Mall. You know me, I’m the kind of person who would never buy from high end retail brands. I would always go for something classic, stylish, comfortable, but at the same time, affordable. I saw this on the window display and it instantly caught my attention.

Without thinking, I went inside the store, hoping the item was less than 5,000 pesos (in my dreams). I pretended to look around, rummaging through the racks of overpriced garments, when the saleslady went into the stockroom, I hurried to the leather bag and checked the price tag, feeling like I’m doing something illegal. It was 20,000 pesos. “Oh well, it was nice meeting you, beautiful Versace bag” I thought to myself. I was on my way out of the store when the saleslady happily told me “50% off yan sir.” What the freaking hell. It’s still expensive but F it, take my money! I quickly purchased the item. The saleslady placed the bag inside a beautiful lime green paper bag then I walked out of the store with a huge grin on my face. Okay you’re probably laughing at how much I’m making a big deal out of this situation. It could be that I’m exaggerating, it could also be that I missed writing so much and I’m in the zone right now that’s why you’re reading such a lengthy blog post about me buying a freaking backpack. It could also be the fact that I never splurge on items like this. I usually spend my money on trips, food, insurance, monthly bills, etc. With that, I would like to know, have you ever been in a situation wherein you did something without thinking about it? Here I am, trying to make my splurging relatable to real-life encounters. Haha! Let me know what you think of this bag (and the full look) by leaving a comment below. Till the next one!

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