Photos: Ben Beringuela

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Ugly Holiday Sweater (Debenhams)

Happy Holidays everybody! I know you guys are probably busy with your own Christmas festivities with your family and friends. Just popping in to say hi because I missed the online world! Haha! I spent the past few days spending quality time with my family, relatives, nephews, nieces and my girlfriend.

I am currently in a coffee shop trying to finish all my deadlines before the year ends. I have 3 sponsored blog posts that I need to post before the 29th and writing this blog entry means that I’m adding more work and making it harder that it already is. Haha! But I missed writing so much, especially this time wherein Youtube is the thing now. For some reason, I always go back to my first love. There’s a different kind of joy and satisfaction whenever I compose a blog post and present it to you in a way that is visually pleasing as well.

When I press that “publish” button, I can’t help but be a little giddy and feel accomplished, even if it’s just a simple and short entry.

I named this blog post “The Ugly Holiday Sweater” because this it’s really what’s it called—and it’s pretty ugly right? Haha! Imagine the amount of weird stares you’ll get when you wear this. Haha! Mostly for me, the sweater makes weird jingle sounds when I walk. Haha! But then again, Christmas is all about spreading holiday cheer and positvity. Nothing much to say here but we wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you spend quality time with your loved ones, don’t hold back when you think of them and buy them Christmas presents. Don’t forget to give a generous tip to the guards, waiters, staff who work during the Holidays. Let’s spread love and kindness. Happy Holidays everybody!

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