Hey guys! I am back from my 3-week trip! It was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to tell you about it—but for now, let me share with you another round of my newly discovered “millennial essentials.” Wow, I’m actually surprised for keeping this segment up. I have tons of segments planned out for this blog but I always end up being lazy and not doing any of them. Ha! Anyway, what’s exciting about this set is that some of the items I will feature here are products I haven’t encountered in my life! Urbanize sure knows how to surprise us and keep us on the loop on the latest essentials. Let’s start, shall we?



I love anything matchy matchy and this tweed wallet from Focused Space looks perfect with my tweed backpack. I feel like this is very David Guison circa 2008 but I just had to include it in the list because of how urban and stylish it looks—which is perfect for my readers (you guys!) who are following this blog. The gray tone and the tweed fabric is a combo I have always loved, I think I have three tweed jackets and blazers in my closet so it’s pretty cool to have a wallet version of this trend that I love. Just a quick run through on the features of the wallet. First, it’s slim, which I love. I don’t like bulky wallets that look awkward (and make me look larger lol) when I put it in my pocket. It also has multiple interior card pockets, an ID pocket and a bill pocket which is (duh) essential in every wallet. The matte black metal coin logo on the front is a nice finish, I must say!



Okay, let’s go overboard with the tweed in this blog post. I got my tweed backpack and wallet already—to complete the look, I also got this tweed cap from Focused Space! I love this particular color and fabric, it feels very La Union/Baler surfer dude to me. LOL or is that just me? Haha! This screams cool so I just had to get it and feature it for this blog post. It has a flat bill brim, a suiting material blocking, an djustable snap closure, and an embroidered logo patch.

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I think I feature a laptop case every month on this segment but yepppp, I have a thing for beautiful laptop cases. I think I have about 5-6 cases. The first one that I bought was this beautiful camo laptop bag from Marc Jabobs and now that I have it for almost 2 years and my style has completely evolved. In case you haven’t noticed, but I’ve become more simple and classic in terms of dressing up. I’m definitley more toned down, more into muted colors—and that just isn’t with my clothes, but also with my accessories and my ~tech~ accessories. I particularly love this laptop case that I got from Elecom because it’s simple, it’s classic and the white border gives it a nice solid outline which looks beautiful in photos lol. You know me, everything has to be Instagram-worthy! This laptop case absorbs impact firmly from the outside, has a double zipper for improved security, the best of all, it’s water repellant! Something I find very useful because my first laptop was damaged because clumsy me spilled my drink on my laptop’s trackpad and keyboard. Whoops! Anyway I highly recommend this laptop case for you millennials out there!

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Now you’re probably wondering, what the heck is a qliplet? Well, basically this baby is a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook, hangs or rests just about anywhere and is designed to free your hands so that you can do more in your life. The Qliplet rotates 360 degrees, folds at two joints for maximum versatility, closes securely and holds up to 50 lbs! Pretty cool, right? I found this useful during my recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I clipped it into my handcarry luggage to hold my neck pillow, the last-minute shopping items that I purchased in the airport, even my Vietnamese hat! Very useuful for people who hike, for moms who uses strollers, the possibilities are endless!



Okay let’s start off with the bag from Focused Space. You know me, I love a good quality, functional yet stylish bag that could fit ALL my stuff. In case you haven’t seen my latest YouTube video, I showed there how many stuff I bring with me every single day. My whole career can pretty much fit in one backpack–yet this particular one stands out because of its impressing features. You have a reverse zip top load compartment, an internal padded laptop compartment, multiple interior pockets for top tier organization, lined phone slip pocket on top panel, quilted back panel with single piece shoulder harness, structured body with reinforced base panel, quick access front, zip pocket, dual side slip pockets and a padded construction. Sounds a bit overwhelming? Don’t fret, this bag is equally stylish as well so it doesn’t look like your average laptop bag.

belt1 belt


Yes, I am saving the best for last. I personally don’t like wearing belts, nor do I need them at the moment (*cough* fatty *cough*) haha but these are just too awesome not to share. The “jelt” is an elastic belt that has no buckle bulge which is amazing because I usually use a belt to hold my jeans, that’s it. I usually hide the belt with my shirt once everything is secure—which is kind of annoying because I hate seeing an awkward bump above the crotch area. The Jelt Belt is also made from 100% recycled yarn and it has an inner gel that grips to your pants! My favourite feature is the fact that there is no metal parts means it can be worn through airport security. Thank you jelt, you just saved us mere mortals some precious time! Nothing I hate more than stripping in the airport security removing my shoes, jackets, belt, laptops, cameras, etc! The jelt just made our lives a little better.

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