It’s Christmas Eve- you got your best outfit on, you’re excited to feast on your favorite holiday dishes and reunite with your relatives. Time to open the presents! Your aunt gives you your Christmas gift, she asks you to open the present in front of her, you unwrap the package—it’s a hideous statement shirt you know you’ll never wear. You give a fake laugh and tell her how much you love it.

This has happened to me countless of times (it’s a vicious cycle). Now I know Christmas isn’t about all that—but why waste precious time and money if you can give the perfect Christmas present to your loved one that they will genuinely love and cherish. With Christmas just around the corner (we have exactly 17 days), I’m sure you guys are on the lookout for the perfect Christmas gift for your family and friends.

Joe Fresh, a Canadian brand that was launched in the Philippines early this year came up with an amazing Holiday collection that your whole family will surely love.

I am currently in the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam waiting my flight to The Philippines and I thought I’ll write this and show you what I got my family this Christmas! Before I left for my Eurotrip, I went to Joe Fresh Trinoma (thank God they opened a branch near my place) and I made sure to do some early Christmas shopping—and buy a few pieces for myself as well. I got a couple of trousers, a festive-looking scarf and basic sweaters. I know giving clothes as holiday presents can be quite risky because you have to consider a bunch of things (Will they wear it? Will it fit them? Will they wear that shade of red?). I’m confident that my family will like the presents I got them because I know them so well (and their personal style) and I’m a style blogger, they should trust me. Haha! Want to see the presents I got for my family? Scroll down below for a little peek! But before anything else, here are a few shots wearing Joe Fresh. I really liked that pop of red–definitely got me into that Christmas spirit!

joefresh8 joefreshfinal joefresh9


try1 gift

1 – Dad – Deck the whole family out with new sweaters, trousers and accessories from Joe Fresh. Give your dad a touch of holiday spirit with this festive Christmas sweater. You could wear matching ones (if you’re into that stuff). My dad and I have the same size so we always borrow each other’s clothes and shoes.

2 – Mom – I always look forward to giving my mom presents for Christmas because she’s the most selfless person I know. When I saw this blouse at the store, I knew my mom would totally wear this. Something perfect for the holidays!

3 – Brother – Something my brother would appreciate because he’s into basics (I only got the sweater. I got the scarf for myself, as you’ve seen in the outfit post above).

4 – Sister – I have two sisters and for the one 13 years older than me, I got her this classy tweed sweater and scarf. As for the other one is only 3 years older than me, I got her a fur jacket (she was the one who chose the item lol) and she got her Christmas gift from me earlier than anyone else because she went to Switzerland with her boyfriend—which was so timely because her boyfriend proposed to her at the Swiss Alps!

5 – Nephew – I have two nephews and we took one of them to our Eurotrip because he is very passionate about Europe so we thought this would be great for him. My sister and I “sponsored” all his winter clothes and we got a bunch of them from Joe Fresh! I didn’t take photos of each and every item but this beautiful checkered sweater would have to be my favorite because it’s very festive!

6 & 7 – Niece – I have two nieces (Alec and Ashley) and they are both in that stage wherein they are very experimental when it comes to dressing up. With that, I thought this plaid holiday skirt and red beanie would be perfect for them.

8 – Baby – For the baby in the family, I got Ellie this adorable Christmas sweater! She is always “the star” of every family gatherings for the past year and of course, she needs to look amazing! Haha!

There you have it! Joe Fresh sounds a little intimidating because it’s an international brand and it’s fairly new in our country, but give it a shot, you would be surprised at how stylish and affordable the items are! If you have any questions or requests on what you guys want me to write about next, feel free to leave your comments below. I hope you find the perfect Holiday present/s for your loved ones! Happy Holidays!

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