Location: Manila, Philippines

I am a firm believe that success favors the well groomed. It says a lot about a person when he cares about what he looks and knows how to present himself well. I recently teamed up with All Things Hair, Clear Shampoo and Preview.PH to create a hair tutorial for you guys. I did one before on my blog about 3 years ago but here’s an updated one!

The slicked-back pompadour is a very dapper look–it’s neat and polished, but I think it’s still very modern.

I like to try this style on when I attend special occasions and events, whether as a blogger for work, or just myself for fun with friends and family.

I have never changed my hairstyle for years so it’s safe to say that I’ve mastered the art of styling my hair every single day. Please note that I don’t always use a comb nor a hairspray everyday. I mostly do this when I have important shoots or events to go to. For a more detailed tutorial, you can check out this blog post (click HERE). Stay dapper, gents!

hair3final tutorial

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