Location: Manila, Philippines

It was a random Friday night, I headed to BGC Uptown with my girlfriend Vina along with Dani and Kyle (I guess you can call it a double date). We were looking for a place to eat before hitting Pool Club (which is just across Uptown) so we decided to try Birdhouse which was on soft opening that day. Linfred, whom I met a few years back, is one of the owners (the same guys who brought Osaka Ohsho and Kumori Bakeshop). Birdhouse, however, is proudly homegrown.

Fitting perfectly in the hip and cool ambience of Uptown’s food court, Birdhouse is an Instagram-heaven with is country meets rustic feel. Elements such as the roosters, hay, and of course, birdhouses, adds a nice touch and definitely stands out from the other restaurants.

Now, let’s talk about the food, shall we? Birdhouse elevates the way you eat fried chicken and transforms it into a gastronomic experience like no other. Birdhouse’s specialty is its signature Birdhouse chicken (duh)—a golden brown, deep-fried creation. It goes well with any of its carefully concocted sauces, namely Milk Gravy, Garlic Ranch, Green Goddess, Peach BBQ, and Truffle Ketchup. Served as barnyard set meals, Birdhouse diners can choose their preferred chicken pieces, sauces, and sumptuous sides (elote corn, mac and cheese, coleslaw, fries, or dirty rice, anyone?) to create winning combinations that’ll satisfy any appetite.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the elote corn? I have been to New York twice and every chance I would get, I would go to SoHo just to have Cafe Habana’s Mexican grilled corn. When I had that first bite of Birdhouse’s elote corn, it was instant nostalgia. So many good memories came rushing to me–and that’s just the appetizer. What more when you get to try their signature fried chicken! Pardon for the exaggeration, I’m really passionate about food in general lol.

The fried chicken has a black pepper taste in its breading while the chicken tenders has a lightly salty crisp breading, both having juicy and flavourful meat, having been brined before frying. We were all praised with all the dishes. I personally liked it so much that I got Birdhouse to cater my Axe Black event (wherein I got the opportunity to launch my own pop-up concept store, but more on that on my next post).

Craving for something sweet? You can cap off your meal with the sweet and savory Waffle and Ice Cream with Crispy Chicken Skin—chewy Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, sugar, and a generous serving of crispy chicken skin. Yum!

Hungry yet?


Experience the #frybirdiefry movement for yourself! Visit Birdhouse at The Food Hall, 4th Level of the Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City. Follow Birdhouse on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates.
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