Location: Manila, Philippines

It has been 2 months since I last published a blog post (a sponsored one, that is). Which makes me really think of why I started this blog in the first place. I was this shy, awkward and lanky guy who thought that putting up a blog would let me free my mind and express myself much better–and it did. Through this platform, I got to be more confident, not just in dressing up, but also in socializing with people (which I didn’t like in the beginning) but now I have become more outgoing. Meeting people and having good conversations with them is something I now look forward to (who would’ve thought?). I have developed my skills in public speaking, which is ironic because 7-8 years ago I would never recite in class nor I would agree to be a leader of any school group activities.The best part? I get to meet so many wonderful and talented people (like you guys) who share the same passion and that drives me to do better at what I do.Β Thanks to the blog, it has changed my life (for the good).

I owe everything to this blog. But frankly speaking, I’m starting to get bored with blogging. With the rise of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube, I haven’t been writing as much. I usually post the photos realtime on Instagram, which preempts the content I’m planning to post on the blog. So what’s the point of blogging?

Let’s be honest, how many of you guys still open their computers/laptops and read blogs these days? (I’m crossing my fingers you still do) It’s also uninspiring for me when I publish a blog post and no one comments–which brings me back to when I started blogging. I was blogging because I enjoyed it, I didn’t care if I get thousands of followers or tons of comments on my blog posts, I was doing it for the love of writing.

Knowing myself, anything I do too much leads to a burn out. That is the reason why I change the look of my blog every year. 3 months ago I decided to put up my own YouTube channel and I am completely obsessed with it. Not only does it excite me that I’m exploring a new platform or medium, but it has also improved my skills in talking in front of a camera and editing! Editing vlogs has become so fulfilling to me, from conceptualizing an intro, to shooting, to editing (it would take me 5-8 hours to edit one vlog), choose the perfect music for it and share it to you guys! I have made 13 YouTube videos so far and I will be sharing them on the blog as well (I hope you guys don’t mind).

This week I decided to document my week and do a weekly vlog! Let me take you through my week. I really want to show you guys that blogging is NOT glamorous at all (well, at least not for me lol). Hope you guys enjoy this video!

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