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Whenever I would give workshops about putting up a style blog or shooting for one, I would always tell the audience to focus on every factor—from angle, framing, lighting, styling, picking locations and even post-processing. In a generation wherein everything is very visual, we need to create images that would get the attention of our readers, and even attract new ones.

This week I took on the challenge of shooting ALL my outfits using the new Huawei P9. Something I’ve never done before since I am very specific when it comes to creating content for my blog. The recipe has always been—shoot using my DSLR/mirrorless camera, edit the colors and tones with Adobe Photoshop then publish on the website. Now, would you believe me if I told you that the new Huawei P9 now has an aperture setting wherein it can produce creamy/bokeh backgrounds?

The photography geeks (a.k.a. millennials) went crazy when Huawei announced that they teamed up with Leica to produce a dual-lens camera, with both front and back cameras feature 12 million pixels BSI CMOS sensors, accompanied by f/2.2 maximum aperture lenses. One of the cameras has a colour RGB sensor, while the other is monochrome only and this setup is designed with the intention of capturing more light, and therefore can produce better images. It’s really as good as having your own professional camera!

A lot of you guys have been asking where I usually shoot my outfit photos. Today, I will be sharing with you some of my favorite OOTD spots in the city—as well as my outfits of the week! Disclaimer: Since my photography style is very minimal, the spots I’m going to feature are in line with my personal style. Sounds good? Let’s begin!

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Since I live in Quezon City, Trinoma is kind of like my second home. That’s where I usually do all my shopping, errands, eat out with my family on weekends, etc. I also love shooting at their parking lot located at the topmost floor. They have clean, white, gray and beige walls for your outfits to stand out. The security is quite strict when it comes to shooting, especially if you carry around a bulky DSLR with you, so this was perfect since we were only shooting with a handy Huawei P9 phone! The guards couldn’t say anything about it, haha!



Not where I would usually shoot, but this is for you guys who are into busy, vivid, detailed photographs. Ever since Bonifacio Global City has put up numerous wall arts and murals around the city, they have been a lot less strict when it comes to shooting because those walls were made to inspire and attract locals and tourists! I was really happy with how the photos turned out, good thing the Huawei P9 has an option wherein you can already set the contrast, brightness and saturation, before you shoot your images. I didn’t have to do any post-processing anymore!



Probably my favorite shooting place in the city since the steel parking in Glorietta 3 (the one across the huge Mercury Drug store) is pretty much always empty. They have nice white and pastel blue walls for you to choose, as well as the whole parking lot as your background! I have posted a bunch of looks in this setting already as well. (P.S. Don’t you juts love how the Huawei P9 can instantly smoothen your skin? Haha this is gold!)



If you have been following my blog since 2010, you would know that 70% of my photos were taken in UP Diliman. Now, they have become very strict when it comes to shooting there but fortunately, my photographer is from UP so whenever the guard would scold us, he would just present his alumni ID! Haha! I used my Huawei P9’s aperture setting for this set. You can choose from F0.95 (which gives to a crazy blurred background) to F16 wherein you will be able to see every single detail in your image. I like to go for F5.6. This just changed the game.



Blue Bay Walk–this is one of my favorite spots to shoot in, although a bit far from where I live. They have clean white, gray, pastel pink walls for you to choose! I set my Huawei P9 to -1 contrast and +1 brightness to achieve this clean image.

That’s it! Hope you find this blog post helpful and maybe I will see you in one of these spots? Haha! Let me know where you shoot your outfits, I would love to know! Also, I recently did a roundup of all my favorite looks for the month of August on my YouTube channel! I’ll be doing this every month, so please let me know how you guys like it and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

More details about Huawei P9 here. Like Huawei Philippines on Facebook and you may check their website as well here.

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