Location: Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, Philippines

It’s pretty awesome that Vina and I work in the same field. We get to see each other often because of events, sometimes we’re lucky enough to get booked the same projects. We help each other out in creating content for our respective blogs and also inspire one another. During our free days, when we’re not traveling, we like to just try a new café our restaurant around the Metro.

I got the chance to test drive the new Chevrolet Sail for 3 days and I invited Vina to go on a little road trip. I realized that we haven’t done one for the longest time. Would you believe that our first (official) date was a road trip? We went to Tagaytay to have brunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s then spent the whole afternoon at Sky Ranch. Haha! Of course, it was a little awkward for the both of us at first because we weren’t really that close yet, also because of the fear of running out of things to say. Haha! One year later, we can both say that we are very comfortable with each other. We can talk for hours and hours but also be comfortable in silence.

Instead of the usual Subic or Tagaytay, Vina and I decided to head to Maginhawa Street in Teachers Village, Quezon City for a road/food trip! Going to Vina’s house is already a road trip itself because she lives in Cavite and I live in Quezon City (talk about long distance relationship. Ha!) Since Maginhawa Street is just one strip of restaurants and cafes, I made sure to plan everything out from narrowing down the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants and that we would start with the first best restaurant in the street, then work our way up till the last restaurant (with good reviews). Let’s get right to it!


Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village seems to be one of the most popular neighborhood food trip destinations in the city. I go to Maginhawa a lot because it’s only about 10-20 minutes away from our house. It seems that every week, a new café or restaurant pops up.  Maginhawa was once a quiet, residential neighborhood until it became really popular—thanks to various food and lifestyle bloggers who would feature these small, family-owned, hole-in-the-wall restaurants. It’s popular amongst students near the vicinity such as UP Diliman, Ateneo de Manila and Miriam College. Vina and I went to Ahi Hawaii, Gerry’s Jeepney, The Lost Bread, Eat Street and 150 Maginhawa Food Park! We had about 9 dishes in total…in a span of 6 hours. I don’t think we’ll be eating out anytime soon. Haha! Make sure you scroll down to watch the video!


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Maginhawa Street is located in Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. This road stretches from Philcoa (accessible through Commonwealth Ave.) and V. Luna Extension (coming from Kalayaan.) Teacher’s Village is near several universities including the University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College, which has made the place very popular with the student crowd.


▪    East Avenue – V. Luna Avenune – V. Luna Extension
▪    EDSA – Kamias – Kalayaan Avenue – Malingap Street
▪    Commonwealth Avenue – Philcoa (Masaya Street)
▪    Katipunan Avenue – C.P. Garcia – Magiting Street
▪    Anonas – V. Luna Extension
▪    Quezon City Circle entry points: Kalayaan Avenue, Maharlika or Philcoa


Okay, let’s talk about the car. If you’ve been following my blog since the early years, you probably know that I’ve done a lot of tie-ups with Chevrolet. My blog post about the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic were one of the most read entries I did (click the links in case you haven’t read it yet). Luckily, I got to do it again, but this time with the new Chevrolet Sail.

The Sail sports Chevrolet’s signature dual-port grill. Paired with halogen headlights, a sleek bumper and circular fog lights. The rear, on the other hand, gets large taillights and muscular-looking rear bumper. Exterior-wise, the Chevrolet Sail looks sleek, sporty but not flashy (which I love). The interior, however, is a completely different story. For such a compact car, I was surprised to see that the Chevrolet Sail was pretty spacious. This is a huge factor for me since I bring tons of stuff with me everyday, from my clothes (sometimes I do 3 outfit changes in one day lol) to my laptop and cameras (I bring 2, one for the the blog and Instagram and one for my vlog).

Stepping inside, you will be greeted by a 9-inch infotainment system. As a millennial, this is essential because it has preloaded apps like Waze (I don’t think I can drive without this app lol), Google, Facebook (don’t use this while driving guys) and Spotify (for those long drives). But my favorite feature of the infotainment system would have to be the wireless connection wherein you can mirror what’s on your phone! It also has an aggressive 16-inch gunmetal alloy wheels shod with high performance, low-profile tires for quick road reflexes. My favorite part of the Chevy Sail is the sunroof (see 0:44 on the vlog)! It has a slide and tilt function (to disperse hot air within the cabin, slide to let fresh air and light in). Something so useful for such a hot place like Manila! Another thing, you can get this car for as low as P688,888! Good enough for your first Chevy car. I am honestly considering getting this car as it is perfect for me and my lifestyle. Overall, it was such a fun and smooth drive and I am definitely considering getting a Chevrolet Sail. Hope you guys liked this blog/vlog entry!


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