Location: New York City

Outfit: Bomber Jacket (Bershka), Long Tee (Bershka), Grey Jeans (Bershka), White Sneakers (Pony)

Last July 18, I had the opportunity of a lifetime–I got to fly to New York for Justin Bieber’s concert! This is a huge deal for me because New York is my absolute favorite city in the world. I keep telling my family and friends how much I miss the city. I kept forcing my girlfriend to go with me this November to re-visit the Big Apple. She agreed and already booked her VISA appointment with the US Embassy. Never in my wildest dreams that the trip would come too soon.

Remember when I told you guys how my recent trip to Japan was the most spontaneous trip I’ve had? Well, this one takes the cake. Last July 11 I got a text from Tob of Smart Communications asking me if I want to fly to New York for Justin Bieber’s concert on the 18th. I was in the car with Vina and my photographer Hezron when I got the text. I almost threw my phone out the car (okay I’m totally exaggerating). One week notice is pretty short for me considering how I book trips + other commitments a month in advance. Thankfully, I had nothing planned that week–which also meant that I can extend and explore the city for a few more days! Here’s the funny part, I never heard from Smart for almost 4 days. I thought the trip wasn’t pushing through and I had to crawl back into my shell…or cry myself to sleep. Haha! Apparently, Tob of Smart was on a vacation and his phone crashed! He had no other way to contact us so when he came back (2 days before the trip), that was when he emailed us all the details–including my plane ticket and hotel vouchers. It was really happening!

I, together with Victor, Lance and Dez, were all crazy excited about the trip. We all agreed to meet up at the airport extra early to plan our itinerary, who’s in charge of the Smart Bro LTE pocket wifi and watched a few of Justin Bieber’s shows on YouTube to get us all hyped up for the concert. We got the Big Bytes Plan 799 because it’s perfect for barkada/family trips–it has 4.5GB which you can share with 10 of your friends since the device can connect up to 10 devices! I highly recommend it!

After spending almost the whole day traveling, we finally made it to New York! We stayed at this hotel just a block away from The Madison Square Garden. Jet lag started kicking in. Victor, Lance and I met up around 1 in the morning to walk around Times Square–it still hasn’t sunk in that we were in New York. The next day, we got to visit the Top of The Rock (a viewing deck with a gorgeous view of the city), went to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in Brooklyn, went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert (check out my Justin Bieber-inspired look below) and headed to the Madison Square Garden! We couldn’t believe it. This was where some of the biggest stars had their notable firsts–from the Jackson 5, Micheal Jackson, Lady Gaga, etc. Justin Bieber also made history at the Madison Square Garden by having the fastest sell out. His concert in 2012 was sold out in just 30 seconds!!! And that’s for 2 shows! Crazy! I’m gonna stop writing now and let you enjoy these photos + a video from my trip! Enjoy!

bieber-2 bieber-1





bieber-5 bieber-8




I figured that a visual diary of my trip won’t give any justice to how amazing the experience was. So, I decided to launch my YouTube channel and upload my first vlog entry! I have been wanting to put up a video blog for the longest time. I figured it was such a pain to take photos using my camera for my blog and Instagram, take more photos and videos via Snapchat, what more if I have a YouTube channel? But I guess this is where the future of social media is going and I feel like I gotta keep up! Haha! Hey, I’m up for the challenge!

Did you know that Justin Bieber was discovered through his YouTube videos? Now look at him! If it can happen to him, it can happen to you too! Who knows? I, however, am happy with sharing my latest ootds and trips with you guys. Haha! Smart recently unveiled its “Own It” campaign, a platform that encourages everyone, especially the youth, to share their passions to the world, giving them a voice larger than themselves.

Under this campaign, Smart has teamed up with YouTube for Smart Launchpad, a program to help budding content creators upload their own work and broadcast it to the world via Upload Stations nationwide or via online submission. Smart will be tapping industry experts for workshops that will lead to a selection of the most deserving content creators to fly to Los Angeles for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of collaborating with the biggest YouTube Stars. You can see the full mechanics here: smart.com.ph/launchpad. Enjoy my first vlog entry!

All photos and videos taken using my Fujifilm X70 | Edited using iMovie
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