Photos: Vina Guerrero

Location: Manila, Philippines

Outfit: Everything from Lee Jeans

Manila. The city known for its monstrous traffic jams, massive malls, pollution and overpopulation. But, Manila also has its fair share of charms from its old Spanish colonial past—as evident in Intramuros and a few areas in Malate. It is home for Filipinos who are known for being friendly and hospitable–always armed with genuine smiles and warm greetings. Full of life and optimism but sometimes unsure of its own heritage and direction.

Manila. The city where I was born. Sometimes it can get really toxic–and when it does, I always feel the need to venture somewhere far. I am lucky to be able to travel, meet new people, experience different culture and gain new perspectives. But then, I also can’t help but compare it to my own country. In the end, I keep coming back to Manila (as the popular song goes). There is simply no place like Manila. Love it or hate it, this is home.

As the buildings in Manila get higher and higher, our personal ambitions for growth and advancement seem to rise with them. We are lucky to live in a generation wherein we have a voice, a platform wherein we can share and promote what we love, connect and collaborate with people around the world. The world as we know it is not round, it is a flat world. With the internet, we all have equal opportunities. Today, we millennials are refreshingly different. We are curious. Fascinated by the world around us. And filled with a passion for adventure. We want to create our own lifestyles in our own world, not merely climb to the top of someone else’s. We are part of culture, as we create the culture. We are urban creators. 

Lee refreshes the city in an innovative way through curiosity, style and comfort, allowing them to find inspiration and fresh adventures from various perspectives, and create an active Millennials lifestyle. This collaboration with Lee was a great opportunity for me to explore more as to what it means to be an urban creator. I use my voice to inspire my readers to present themselves well, be the best at their own chosen fields, create quality content to inspire my audience, spread positivity and step our of their comfort zone.

The Lee Refresh The City  campaign features people who go out of their way to nurture their city, its people and their ideas. I am thrilled to be a part of the Lee #RefreshTheCity campaign and you could be too. Here’s how:

  • Post any photo or video on Instagram about how you plan to #RefreshTheCity with Lee.
  • Tag me (@davidguison) and Lee Jeans (@leejeansphils) so we can see all your entries.
  • Make sure you include the following hashtags: #RefreshTheCity #LeexDGMNL #LeeJeansPH

Winner Prize: Php5,000 worth of gift certificates from Lee + Denimite + Bookniture
Runners-up: 10 winners of Denimite

Scroll down below to see how I refresh my style in Manila with my favorite pieces from Lee Jeans. I came up with 3 different looks that are appropriate for every millennial’s lifestyle. Spread the love and let’s all take just a few moments to thank the city we live in. Can’t wait to see your entries!


This is one my favorite go-to looks whenever I travel, meet up with friends, go to an informal event or even my daily commute. I like to wear clothes that I can move in. A light washed, distressed pair of jeans is your best friend if you want to pull off this look. Add a plain tank top or a plain white shirt and a long sleeved button down shirt. I personally like navy blue because they go well with anything. They loom great with brown/tan accents–like my watch, hat and shoes for example! The whole idea of this outfit is to make you look and feel comfortable, without sacrificing style.


lee-02 lee-03


lee-07 lee-08 lee-06

lee-05 lee-04


Lee Jeans is the perfect accompaniment to stand up to the city’s harsh humidity. One minute it’s raining, the next it would be scorching hot. The denim keeps me comfortable, allowing me to remain focused on the things that I have to do–especially when it incorporates intricacies such as jade powder yarn, which creates a wonderful cooling effect. If it suddenly becomes too hot, just remove your denim jacket and you still look put-together!



We are part of culture, as we create the culture.

lee-17 lee-18

lee-15 lee-21 lee-16



Now this is my favorite look from the 3. When it’s not suitable to rock a denim jacket, opt for this light denim button down. It looks great when paired with a pair of jeans that are slightly distressed and is one wash darker than the top. This look is for running errands, meeting up for lunch with a friend or a trip to the mall, this look can be versatile as you can dress it up or dress it down. For this look, I used a canvas bag and a pair of espadrilles to keep it casual.


lee-12 lee-14



lee-10 lee-13

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