5 minutes. That’s all it takes to get better looking skin. A lot of you guys are thinking that having a skincare regimen is such a task. I too have never really cared about taking care of my skin until I started having breakouts (because of the food I eat and my messed up sleeping pattern). But squeeze in a quick 5 minutes–one in the morning and one before you sleep, and you will thank yourself later. Besides, you only need 2 products to get results!

1 — Face Wash: 

This is a must. Don’t skip it no matter what. There’s no reason to – it’s only going to take about a minute. Splash some warm water on your face to open up your pores and get the best cleansing experience. Then, apply a facial wash that works for your skin. I got these samples from Brickell and have been using them for almost a month now. It says on the label “Clarifying Gel Face Wash”–something new to me since I mostly use the one that says “for oily skin” or “whitening” but I gave it a shot. Lo and behold, washing my face didn’t feel like such a task–it was more of an experience. Haha! It smells like the oils they use in the spa! Haha I’m not even kidding! I felt like I just gave myself a 2-minute massage on my face! Haha! After applying the face wash, rinse it off and finish with a quick splash of cold water. That will close up your pores and leave you in the best condition possible. Pat (don’t rub) your face dry.

2 — Face Moisturizer:

Oily skin is not the same as hydrated skin. You want a healthy, natural, moisturized glow. Not an oily, shiny mess. Be careful: only choose natural face moisturizer for men that is specifically designed to absorb quickly without leaving any oily residue. Why is that so important? Moisturizers packed with chemical, distinctly unnatural ingredients leave behind a residue that defeats the purpose of your quick 5 minute routine. Stick to a high quality, organic face moisturizer for men for the best results. This face moisturizer from Brickell has aloe vera, DMAE and Jojoba. They use the highest quality, natural & organic ingredients to offer the most effective men’s skincare and grooming products available. The moisturizer is very smooth and highly nourishing, quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaves just the right balance of moisture for a well-conditioned, comfortable feel – all without leaving a greasy residue, which no one likes. 

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You’re done! It’s not as hard as you thought right? In significantly less than 5 minutes, you can cleanse, brighten, and hydrate your skin. Invest 5 minutes before you head out the door and you’ll enjoy the results all day. Cheers!

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