Remember that time when B’lue gave me my first big break and let me experience what it’s like to star in my own tv commercial? Last week, I had another first with them—I got to hang out with superheroes! To get all the fans excited for the Batman V Superman movie, they came up with a 360 booth and the Super Tap Game which the mall-goers can play for a chance to win some exciting prices from B’lue! Basically you just have to tap the screen in the hopes of scoring prices such as movie tickets, B’lue drinks or limited edition premium items! To my surprise, I got to win a tumbler and a pair of headphones. I’m not lucky when it comes to these things so imagine how happy I was when I won! Haha! In attendance were Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Superwoman, and The Green Lantern. I might have thought a little about posing for the blog. Haha! B’lue comes up with the craziest and coolest gimmicks so I make sure to not miss any of it!

First order of business, refresh with B’lue! It was my first time to try the calamansi and it was surprisingly very good! A little break from favorite lychee variant! 
Every purchase of B’lue, you get a stub which you can use for the B’lue Super Tap game! I got five just to be sure. Haha!
It was awkward to have Batman and Superman stand beside you when you’re about to choose your side. To be fair, I chose Team Batman on the first try, then Team Superman on the next–just to be fair. Haha! 
I got to win this tumbler on the third try! I was aiming for the limited edition headphones though!
Caption this! Haha I don’t know what’s going on in this photo but it’s too funny not to share! Haha! 
I think it’s time I teach these superheroes a thing or two about posing like a blogger. Ha!
Superman and Wonder Woman having a good time with their B’lue drink!
Took some photos outside for the blog. Notice anything? 
Yup. I got to win the limited edition Batman V Superman headphones on my last try! Woohoo! 

The B’lue Water Plus-based beverage comes in 3 flavors with its limited edition bottles— Batman (Calamansi), Superman (Lychee) and Wonderwoman (Orange). I’m not too sure if the flavors have any connection to the heroes. I just love how refreshingly cool it is. If you follow me on snapchat, you would see how many bottles of B’lue I can finish in one day. Haha! You can purchase these thirst-quenching drinks whenever you need to refresh. Hey, you might even feel heroic like your favorite superhero!

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