Sakura or Cherry Blossom Festival is no doubt one of the most-listed item in anyone’s travel bucket list. When I saw cherry blossoms for the very first time (in Korea), I just stopped and stared at its beauty for a good 5 minutes. Cherry Blossom, which goes by the name Sakura in Japan, symbolizes the uniqueness of Japan. It is connected to Japanese folk religions, a symbol of reproduction and new life. Cherry blossom is also interpreted in Japan as “transient of life” because it has a short blossoming period and very fragile. They have no scent too—but they’re so beautiful in its sheer magnificence, one can almost smell its fragrance. I was lucky enough to catch it again this year in Japan. My previous trips never coincided with the annual famous Cherry Blossom festival so I was delighted to see the famous sakura upclose. A week after my trip, I was still posting photos of these beautiful cherry blossoms. If you saw cherry blossoms upclose, you would know how hard it is for one to recover.

This year, in its desire to continuously bring Japan closer to Filipinos, Tokyo Tokyo, the country’s #1 Japanese restaurant chain, is bringing the famous festival in Manila.


Taking inspiration from the long-standing Japanese tradition of welcoming spring, Tokyo Tokyo now offers a Sakura-inspired bento meal. Dubbed as the Sakura Sumo Meal, this filling meal contains favorite Japanese dishes and pink-colored new treats that are perfect for sharing.


An order of the Sakura Sumo Meal is composed of 3-pc fried Chicken Karaage, Beef Misono, 2-pc Prawn Tempura, Vegetable Tempura, Vegetable Misono, Yakisoba, and 2 bowls of steaming hot rice.


Aside from these favorites, the Sumo Meal also comes with 2-pc chewy Sakura Mochi Balls, a roll of pink-colored glutinous rice cake with delectable peanut butter filling; and 2 glasses of Sakura Lychee Fizz, a combination of Sprite and Sakura syrup with soft and flavorful nata strips.

DSCF1422A 1

If you think you have more space in your tummy for more Sakura-inspired eats, you may opt to upgrade your Sumo Meal and add Sakura Lychee Jelly, a lychee-flavored dessert with fresh fruit bits and topped with cream cheese topping; or Sakura Potato Salad, a yummy concoction of potato cubes, kani strips, and beets on a bed of lettuce with Japanese mayo dressing.

DSCF1468A 2

This good-for-two meal is available for only PhP 379. However, like the Cherry Blossom Festival, this can be enjoyed for a limited time only.


Tag a friend and make a trip to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo store to try this Sakura-inspired Sumo Meal! Share your experience by tagging @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter.

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