I believe a full good night sleep is essential to keep up with the coming long day ahead. That is precisely the reason why come breakfast time, no matter how rushed my mornings usually get, I make sure to “break my fast” like a king.

There are days when I just don’t have the luxury of time to prepare my meal and I have to leave home really early because I have an important meeting or event to attend to. Of course I don’t want to be late and give the excuse of being stuck in traffic. We all know that it gets crazy in the morning rush hour. So what to do? Leave earlier than usual, be in the meeting area and that’s where I grab my breakfast. Guess what, I actually enjoy being early now so I don’t get stressed out, that way I can sit back, relax and enjoy good food. An ordinary day of going to work and attending meetings turn extraordinary when I go for my Chowking breakfast. It truly serves my big appetite so as to fuel my morning that will last me till noontime. Nothing beats having rice in the morning! Am I right or am I right? I just feel I’m ready to conquer whatever comes when I had a fully satisfying meal to start my day.

It’s also perfect for those early morning road trips wherein you stopover at gasoline stations and eat your almuchow (see what I did there). Or maybe when after partying and you’re looking for the perfect comfort food–Chowking’s got you covered! Uh, so it’s late at night now and just writing (and editing the photos) makes me want to have Chowking breakfast right now. Oh well, I guess It’ll just have to wait till the morning. 


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