Pics or it didn’t happen.” This is a common rule from the internet, basically: if you don’t have proof, you are making it up. We live in an age wherein we document everything and anything. From the food we eat, the outfits we wear, the parties we go to, the trips we take, name it. We feel the need to document everything and post them on social media. I am guilty of this. Since I am a full time blogger, I take tons of photos every single day. These photos are very well curated. The framing, lighting, styling, everything has to be picture perfect. I spend a good amount of time curating these photos before I post them on the internet. I get most of my inspiration from photos. Taking photos is something that I really enjoy. I don’t feel the need to be great at it. It’s all about perspective and improving one’s skill. There is no better feeling than capturing a moment. That feeling of getting “the shot.”

I got to test out the new Lenovo Vibe S1–a unique smartphone with two front cameras. Yup, you read it right. Dual selfie cameras, folks. The 8MP primary front camera takes the sharpest photos and the 2MP secondary front camera analyzes depth of field information to replicate human binocular vision (ohhh intimidating). These two cameras work in tandem to unleash a myriad of new possibilities that can give selfies a creative twist. After capturing that perfect selfie using the dual front camera, users are spoilt for choice with the various options to modify the picture from a number of built-in photo editing tools. Functions such as ‘Blur’ allows refocusing anywhere on the selfie for up to 3 focal planes, while adding a ‘bokeh’ effect to the background will enhance and stylize a selfie or get rid of a photo bomber. Lenovo understands.

I also love the ‘Cut Out’ feature wherein people can be cropped out of a selfie and then placed on any other image or background from a wide selection preloaded on the VIBE S1. You can pretend you’re in Paris, Greece, wherever you want! Haha! The Lenovo Vibe S1 works really well in low light conditions and it even has a plug-in selfie flash that allows up to 100 picture perfect selfies on a single charge! The Vibe S1 also has a memory of 3GB and 32GB of storage space, expandable by another 128GB with a microSD card. This definitely allows you to take tons of photos! My phone’s gallery currently has 13,377 photos. Just saying. Thank you Lenovo for understanding us millennials! Haha here’s what went down this week. This is my day to night with my Lenovo Vibe.

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In order: shooting content for Instagram | chilling by the balcony while reading a book and answering emails | taking a break from a campaign shoot | working out in the gym | shooting an outfit for the blog | beach trip at Puerto Princesa Palawan | meeting and movie night
Photos by Hezron Peralta and Vina Guerrero
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