Have you ever thought what it would be like to see yourself in a billboard along EDSA or star in your own TV commercial? Well, B’lue water plus is here to make your artista dreams come true! B’lue YouTV made rounds in different malls in Metro Manila to let every Millennial experience what’s it like to be a star. Because come on, I’m sure most Filipinos dreamed of being a celebrity, right? Haha!

I went to the one in Glorietta and boy it was packed! There was no down time during the “shoot.” Everyone wanted to have their own commercial! I was really surprised at how everyone was so willing to line up and act in front of a crowd and crew. Ako pa yung nahiya! Haha! Basically you register at the B’lue YouTV Booth first, then they give you a B’lue water plus drink (my personal favorite is lychee) while you wait for your turn. When you enter the “set,” you will be greeted by full production complete with lights, cameras, a green screen, a director, 2 cameramen, plus 3 other people who’s behind the screens to check how you’re doing, I guess. The director will ask you to do whatever he wants you to do. He will make you act, sing, dance, name it! You have to be committed to it! After you wrap up your TVC shoot, you will then be greeted by screaming fans + an interview! I’m not kidding. I think they hired a group of people who will scream their lungs out cheering for you. Haha! I have to commend B’lue for coming up with the best events and gimmicks every time! Drinking B’lue always keeps me refreshed and puts me in a good mood the whole day. Always fully alive.

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