Everyday we make a lot of decison-making. We are faced with so many different choices and what used to be everyday surprises don’t come as a surprise anymore. The choices I make today dictate the kind of person that I am. Im glad that my habits and interests continuously shape me one day at a time. So when I make an amazing discovery of what actually works for me, I stick to it!


Growing up, I was making a lot of unhealthy choices. Sodas and coffee helped keep me up while burning the midnight oil for my thesis and late night get-together with friends. Late night snacking didn’t help too! I must admit, I wasn’t really paying much attention to my oral health then. What I thought to be good brushing wasn’t really good enough. I noticed there was a soft build-up of yellowish layer around and in-between my teeth,  and yes, it’s plaque! Believe me, I wasn’t very proud of that phase. Well, who would be? The fuzzy feeling on my teeth surface made me anxious and insecure. I started distancing myself from people. I never really realized that oral health problems could actually rob me of my confidence. Thank God for family and friends who tell you exactly what you need to hear which led to my discovery of Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush.  I was so relieved that it just had to be a change for the right toothbrush! The great news is that Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush to remove 99% plaque and helps prevent oral health problems. That’s why I immediately noticed the squeaky, natural clean feeling in my mouth! Now I know what ‘real clean’ actually means.


Because my smile is fundamental to my identity, I put oral health my priority. To remain true to my passion, I always have to be self assured and confident in expressing myself. Now I realized that just by focusing on the essentials, I could actually better myself! Because I kow now that life is full of surprises,  I give thanks and smile, first thing in the morning.

Tagging my friends Arisse de Santos, Camie Juan and Lissa Kahayon to share their own experiences!

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