10 Cheap Ways to Spend Valentines Day


A five star meal, a designer bag or diamonds doesn’t necessarily equate to a meaningful expression of love on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as writing a personal love letter or spending the whole day with your girl. There’s nothing more special than knowing that you are loved, wanted and cared about. So here are 10 cheap (but meaningful) ideas on how you can have the best experience on Valentine’s Day…without breaking the bank.


1. What did you do on your very first date? Repeat it. It would be fun to reminisce and even compare how awkward or fun your first date was compared to now.

2. Write “I love you because….” notes and insert them into balloons. Blow up the balloons, and spread the balloons throughout her bedroom for your girl to pop and capture each message. Don’t go for the cliché notes, make it as personal and as specific as possible!

3. Download her favorite movies and watch it together. Prepare popcorn, nachos with cheese and drinks!

4. Sing her favorite songs. My girlfriend loves it when I send her random voice notes of me singing. Even though I know I have zero talent in singing, she loves the effort and my willingness to make fun of myself (this is not applicable to guys who can sing lol).

5. Create a playlist and listen to it like from the movie “Begin Again” wherein you share earphones/headphones and walk the streets or maybe hit the club!

6. Send her favorite flowers and chocolates. It never fails. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Make sure to add a personal, handwritten letter!

7. Buy a few roses. Place them in places you know your Valentine visits throughout the day. This could be when she arrives in school, the office, in the gym, or when she gets home, etc. Ask help from her family, friends or colleagues!

8. Plan a picnic (an indoor picnic would suffice) and prepare props such as picnic tablecloth, fancy-looking cups, paper plates and utensils. Prepare finger food along with her favorite treats (Vina loves crab and chicken feet lol) and maybe a glass of wine (I’m sure you have a stash at home from last year’s Christmas presents). Maybe even play card games, board games or have a wireless speaker to play your theme song! It’s annoyingly cheesy but it’ll sweep her off her feet!

9. Fill a jar with little coupons or vouchers that contain promises that you can do for her. A few examples are: “this voucher is good for a 30-minute back massage” or “a song cover of your choice.” Make it realistic and make sure you commit to it!

10. Hit the arcades, watch a movie and have a cheap and filling dinner. I personally suggest that you go to Tokyo Tokyo. My girlfriend and I love it there because it reminds us of our highschool/college days. Try Tokyo Tokyo’s Valentine Sumo Meal, it’s good for two and consists of Tokyo Tokyo’s 4-pc prawn tempura, 1-pc Best Chicken Teriyaki with mixed vegetables, and Red Iced Tea. To complete the meal, it also comes with Valentine-inspired Snow Ice dessert! This is only Php409!

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