Dandruff-Proof New Year Tips


New Year, New You! The perfect opportunity for all of us to start fresh. Doesn’t it feel great knowing there are second chances in life? Phew! That we don’t have to be weighed down by past shortcomings or stumbling blocks but be grateful that tomorrow, we could actually use them as life’s stepping stones!

While we get to keep with us the things and learnings to the coming year, it is also a chance for us to experience new and better things in life. And what better way to conquer each chapter and see life unfold by being comfortable with who we are. This includes being comfortable with our own sense of style. Here are a few tips for a Dandruff-Proof New Year:

1.  Start anew. Everyone is given that chance. Own it. Claim it! Why not try to pair a new year’s latest trend  with a dandruff-proof style for that complete and comfortable New Year, New Me look! There’s no hiding when you have that ultimate head to toe look, you are sure to fuel up your year right.

2.  Get a new haircut. Find out what kind of haircut fits your face shape so you can look your best as you welcome 2016. Or if you’re curious enough, try a new and bold hair color perhaps?

3.  Welcome a new sport. It’s important to keep your body fit and healthy because exercise increases blood flow.  Through this, it delivers nutrients to your scalp promoting healthier hair growth. But please, be sure to stick with your chosen healthy lifestyle regimen and make it one of your best New You decisions so far.

4.  Use Clear Cool Sport Menthol. Your favorite styling products like wax or gel can leave a nasty build-up that may cause dandruff. Wash hair and scalp with  Clear Cool Sport Menthol for best results. It has Nutrium 10 technology and Dual Active Ingredients (Climbazole and ZnPTO) to keep you fresh and dandruff-proof!


Well, life is what we make it. Surely good things come to those who wait, but if it still doesn’t come your way, by all means, chase it! Because life is too short, and is just ohh sooo worth living, don’t you think? Happy New Year everyone! Make it count.

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